D Manual Coach


The Category D license entitles the driver to drive passenger carrying vehicles (PCV) like; single or double-decker buses, service bus or saloon coach body, automatic or manual gearbox, and minibuses, after passing a PCV coach category D practical test on a manual gear box coach. ?This is considered to be the ultimate parameter for testing the ability and eligibility for driving any PCV.

How to identify?

On the back side of the Category D license, if the codes 78 or 106 are not printed then the driver is eligible for D manual coach license.

How one can acquire it?

  • You must be 18 years of age and having a full category B license for attending category D courses.
  • After obtaining B license, you need to clear PCV medical and theory tests.
  • During the examination you need to carry a D4 form.
  • After passing the examination, you need to make an application to the DVLA for category D provisional license entitlement for which Form D2 needs to be completed.

However, if you have an existing and valid LGV medical, you need not give PCV medical examination another time.

The practical tests are usually taken on the vehicle the individuals have trained on. This consists of 50 minutes to 1 hour of independent driving. It also includes the following elements:

  • Uncoupling and coupling of the trailer
  • The reversing exercise
  • The braking exercise
  • The ability to carry out safety checks on the vehicle and the trailer
  • The drive

Features of a manual coach:

  • 40-seater
  • Simple and easy to use six speed gearbox
  • Powerful Engine, with power-assisted steering, and a performance of 50mph
  • Oil heater
  • Air suspension driver’s seat
  • Rev. counter
  • Digital Tachograph
  • Air Conditioning
  • Reversing Camera
  • Brakes with low noise levels
  • Regular maintenance for a high standard
  • Trailer towing facility for D+E training and test
  • Excellent visibility for comfortable driving


Remember that stretch limousines and prison vans based on a lorry chassis cannot be used for the Category D test.

Just pass your coach test and you can enhance your driver career manifold!

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