D1 Minibus

Category D1 license is meant for those individuals who are aiming at driving a bus (Passenger Carrying Vehicle). Generally, one can go ahead with a car driving license and meet certain conditions, failing which he will have to apply for a separate minibus driving license D1.

The D1 license entitles minibus drivers to drive a minibus with 17 seats (including the driver’s seat) and derive an income from minibus (for hire and/or reward).

Criteria for eligibility for D1 license and steps for acquisition

  • Individuals holding driving license before 1st?January 1997 can drive in the UK and on temporary basis can visit abroad.
  • Those having obtained license after 1st?January 1997 can drive a minibus if –

i)??????? They are 21 years of age

ii)?????? They have held a full license for a minimum of 2 years.

iii)???? They do not tow a trailer.

iv)???? They drive on a voluntary basis.

v)????? The vehicle belongs to a not-for-profit organisation.

vi)???? The maximum vehicle weight is 3.5tons. (4.25tons, if fitted with passenger lift)

vii)?? The theory, practical and medical tests are passed.

  • Minimum age requirement is 17years.
  • Necessary to hold a Category B license (car license).
  • Pass the PCV medical test and get the D4 form filled up by their general physician.
  • Apply for the D1 provisional license.
  • Attend the PCV training course.
  • Appear for the theory and practical tests that include multiple choice-type questions, hazard perception test and driving with safety test.

Minibus permits

If a minibus driver feels the need to charge his passengers, he has to apply for a permit.

  • He should be above 21 years of age.
  • The minibus should carry 9-16 passengers.
  • The minibus should be owned by a socially beneficial voluntary organisation.
  • The service should be exclusively available for the members thereof, not the general public.
  • The charges should be solely to cover the running costs; no profits should be associated with it.

However, those wishing to drive a minibus for profit can add a minibus provisional entitlement (or a PCV license) to their Category D1 license.

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