D+e Manual Coach + Trailer

A PCV (Passenger Carrying Vehicle) license is considered to be the ultimate license for driving any PCV, regardless of the number of seats and the type of body. It could be single or double-decker, a service coach or a saloon coach body, minibus, automated or manual gearbox. In fact, a manual gearbox coach is the levelled at the topmost parameter for driving tests.

Across the United Kingdom and Europe a manual coach is fitted with a towing facility of up to 750kgs so that training can be provided for obtaining PCV D+E license to driver a coach and trailer. This coach is an accommodation for more than eight passenger seats.

If an individual is an experienced coach driver wanting to enhance his driving credentials and touring opportunities, or even driving on the continent, he can consider obtaining a D+E license. In this case, he can always quicken the process practising on an automatic gearbox, and later set his hands on the manual one.

Eligibility for D+E

  • You have to be 21 years of age to be able to apply for D+E license.
  • You should hold a valid and complete Category D license.
  • It is necessary to pass the tests for the provisional entitlement to be able to add the towing vehicle.

Process to get the PCV Category D for D+E license:

  • Apply for provisional entitlement on your driving license
  • Fill out drivers’ medical form
  • Revise and take the DSA Theory test
  • Seek help for these theory and practical tests

Training features:

  • Numerous seats to accommodate several trainees together
  • User-friendly six speed gearbox
  • Vehicle powered with a strong engine, oil heater, air suspension driver’s seat
  • Modern controls
  • Digital Tachograph

As a trainee, you can also choose to get the training done on your individual vehicle for vehicle familiarisation. This is applicable even in case of corporate bookings. So, enrol for a provisional entitlement on your manual coach license to give a boost to your career!

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