Driver CPC Periodic Training

Driver CPC Periodic Training on Tachograph

Our RTITB (Road Transport Industry Training Board) Master Driving Training is approved by JAUPT (Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training). That means you can refresh your knowledge by doing 35 hours periodic training program about Tachograph.

We offer different time slot for our trainees. They can choose Saturday or a single weekday or a 35 hours intensive course either at our Park Royale office or your company premises whichever is convenient for you. All the instructors at our training school are well qualified and know various languages apart from English.

What to understand about Analog Tachograph?

  • European Union rules and regulations.
  • Different types of Analog Tachographs and their requirement in recording times.
  • Break time, maximum daily driving time and rest time.
  • Weekly driving time and rest period.
  • Maximum fortnight driving period.
  • Ferry or train journey rules.
  • Responsibility of driver to keep records properly.

What to understand about Digital Tachograph?

  • European Union rules and regulations.
  • Operating system of Digital Tachograph and vehicle unit main features.
  • Memory function and pictograms of vehicle unit.
  • Different types of Digital Tachographs and their functions.
  • UTC (Universal Co-ordinate Time).
  • Log in procedures.
  • Reading display and messages.
  • Manual entry processes
  • Menu structure and Mode switch operation.
  • Recording procedures
  • Taking printout

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