Pass Protection

Is It sure that I would definitely pass the test?

Firstly, be assured that since we are a DSA accredited as well as RTITB provider of driving training, our instructors are experienced, professional and completely qualified to teach you everything you would need to pass your test and acquire your license.

Secondly, we are a family run school that has been established long ago in the year 1963 and hence have our outstanding reputation to uphold. We want our satisfied clients to recommend us to their family and friends as well as to return to us over again for other driving training qualifications.

Remember that when you succeed, we succeed too and hence we would strive to help you pass the first time by giving you good service.

Everything that you need to know for passing your driving test, we guarantee to teach you.

Just follow the recommendations of our instructors. But we will not be able to guarantee that you will not make any mistakes on the day of the test. Hence, for the customers of Dhoot Driving School School of Transport, to have thoroughly followed the instructions of our trainers:

We offer a 2 hour, 1 to 1 session, as well as practice with our training vehicles for the driving test at just HALF PRICE!

This is since we are confidant that by booking the ideal training course as recommended by us, very few of our customers would need to take a re test. Hence if you do require to take a re test, we can very well afford to lower the price.

If, however, you need to take a re test, we would make sure to take care of your training and arrange for the re test as fast as possible, while you still remember your training well.

We would not ask you to pay the money for your pass protection even before you start your training. You can buy it only if you think you need it.

You, along with your qualified and experienced instructor would be working extremely hard to pass your test at the first attempt and hence when you do you would be happy that you did not fruitlessly invest money on a non refundable plan that you did not even need.

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