Obtain the latest techniques of LGV/HGV training, PCV training and also Driver CPC training at Dhoot Driving School centre in Battersea, London.

Driving an automobile or a vehicle is such an expertise that cannot be imagined without a skilled driver. There can be chances when you’ve been racking up the moving violations so you positively need to improve your driving skills for your safety and that of your passengers and other motorists. You need to work efficiently on your driving skill even after you receive your licence. Even if you’re an experienced driver, it’s always good to brush up on the basics. You can ensure yours and others’ safety as you drive on the road, only after mastering the elements of driving. So you can obtain this skill by joining the Dhoot Driving School centre in Battersea, London as they reveal excellence in different types of driving techniques such as LGV/HGV training, PCV training, refresher training courses and also Driver CPC training.

You need to follow the traffic rules, know the speed limits and simultaneously have proper safety measurement so it is equally important that the vehicle you are driving also has to pass all safety tests and should be good enough to be launched on road to drive. That’s why you need to abide by all driving rules by not only sealing your security but also taking care of the safety of the people who are on roads running with you. It becomes the greatest responsibilities of our trainers who are all trained ADI and registered with Driving Standard Agency (DSA).

At Dhoot Driving School centre in Battersea, London we provide access to our trainees to pass the driving test in order to avail the driving license. Here we provide classroom coaching as well as study materials in different language other than English because the trainers of our school are multilingual so our students get flexibility to communicate and understand the concepts. Our Dhoot Driving School module is well aware of this aspect and its importance that is why, their learning modules is well equipped with full fledged theoretical information about driving.

The programs of various driving trainings that you can avail at our centre are as follows:-

(1) CPC Driver Training: CPC means Certificate of Professional Competence. This particular course provides the CPC certificate to the drivers who drive heavy vehicles. It’s essential for the professional or commercial drivers to carry a Driver CPC certificate along with a standard driver’s license. Driver CPC coaching course includes theory and practical exams. A driver holding driver CPC should bear a thirty five hours coaching course in each five years so as to stay or renew the certificate. There are CPC driver modules and the driver CPC case studies for reference in this regard. There are the CPC theory tests that one has to pass and in that case, initially one can avail the driver CPC modules 4 and 2 in this regard.

(2) PCV training: This training deals particularly with the vehicles like passenger bus, minibus or taxi. Some of the sub categories in this training include D, D1, D+E, and D1+E. D1 Minibus, D1+E Minibus & Trailer, D Automatic Bus, D Manual Coach. The trainings D automatic and the D1- minibus are meant for the manually driven vehicles only. In this training program you have your own will to choose the kind of automobile you want to drive and you can decide the number of passengers in it.

(3) LGV/HGV training: This training is meant for the vehicles carrying large and heavy goods only. As the name suggest, the license for this training depends on the weight specifications of the vehicles only. Some of the categories of training that you can avail are C1 ¬+ E – license, C1 + E – 7.5t + trailer, C up to 32 tons, C + E truck and trailer.

The B+E car and trailer training: This training depends on the maximum authorized mass or the MAM limit. If your vehicle is within the MAM limit, you can avail the B license. For the vehicles that are more than the MAM limit, you have to obtain the B+E license. This training is meant for the towing vehicles only that can be attached with a small trailer.

Along with these trainings some other services that you can avail from us at Dhoot Driving School are the pass protection and the PCV pass protection services. These services ensure that you can reappear for the driving tests in case you fail to clear the test in single attempt. Once enrolled in the driving training, you also have to apply for a driving license, which requires a lot of furnished documentation. Complete help is provided here in filling up of the medical form and the provisional entitlement forms. We also take care about sending the completed forms to the concerned authorities of DVLA on your behalf.

You can also avail a refund of the money in case you are not satisfied with the training program in the middle of the training so we are looking forward to convey the best possible coaching to you on our behalf.

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