Obtain the best professional driving training in Dhoot Driving School Brentford, London with LGV/HGV training, PCV training and driver CPC training

If you wish to join the professional driving to make a career out of it, there is nothing better than Dhoot Driving School in Brentford London to get started with. There is always a high demand for the skilled professional driver since there are hardly people available who can drive the towing vehicles or the large goods vehicle. And such heavy vehicles are required day in and day out by the logistics company and the ware houses in order to make deliveries of their goods from one location to the other. When you choose a different career path like that of the professional driving, it is well paying and also brings a lot of respect as a job to you as well.

There are several driving training institutes that offer quality driving training courses and one of them is the Dhoot Driving School in Brentford, London. When you come to us for admission in the driving training, all we look for in you is the passion for driving. Whether you are a novice trying to build a career in driving or whether you are an experienced driver looking for enhancing and honing your driving skills, Dhoot Driving School Brentford, London is the place to opt for the training in this regard.

When you join us at Dhoot Driving School in Brentford, you are clearly entitled to certain benefits that are offered nowhere else. For instance, you can obtain the training in professional driving in the language of your choice and preference. All our course materials, theory books and even the classroom coaching are all available in different languages apart from English. Thus if you are not comfortable in English and wish to follow the driving training instructions in a different language, Dhoot Driving School in Brentford is the place to be.

All our trainers are multi lingual and thus they are just the perfect people to teach you the basic and also the finest skills of driving. Apart from being multiple language specialists, our trainers are also registered with and approved by the driving standards agency. The training vehicles that are used at our centers are all completely equipped with the dual access controls and thus there is absolutely no possibility of any road mishaps or accidents while the process of training is underway.

The environment that we provide at our training centers is world class and all the course materials are perfectly custom made just for you. Some of the training programs that you can choose from include the B + E car and trailer training, refresher training courses, PCV training, LGV (HGV) training and driver CPC training. You can choose a program depending on your requirements, age and also the weight of your vehicle. You also have to ensure that the vehicle that you wish to drive on road is safe and legal for driving on the roads of London.

The training programs are mentioned below in details for your understanding:

LGV/HGV training: If you wish to drive a large goods vehicle or a heavy goods vehicle, you should opt for a LGV/HGV training program. Depending on the weight specifications of the vehicle, you can choose from various sub categories in this regard like the C1 + E – license, C1 + E – 7.5t & trailer, C – up to 32 tons, C + E truck & trailer and C1 – license.

PCV training: You must choose this training program when you want to drive a passenger carrying vehicle. Some of the categories of this training program are D1 minibus, D1 + E minibus & trailer, D automatic bus, D manual coach, D + E coach & trailer and depends on the number of people on board of the vehicle.

B+E car and trailer training: This training is particularly meant for the towing vehicles only. Based on the amount of weight for the vehicle is also specified in the maximum authorized mass limit. If your vehicle falls within the MAM limit, you must obtain the B license. However if your vehicle weighs more than the MAM limit, you must obtain the B+E license.

Driver CPC training: The CPC stands for the professional competence and it is deemed as a mandatory for all the LGV/HGV drivers. This rule came into effect from 2009. You have to obtain qualification in the driver CPC modules 4 and 2 amongst the various driver CPC modules. There are CPC case studies and CPC theory tests that you must qualify for. Of course you would have to undergo a periodic training of 35 hours within every 5 years time for maintaining this course rules.

You can obtain all the assistance while being with us at Dhoot Driving School in Brentford. We also offer complete money refund in case you are not happy with the training and wish to change in the middle of the course.

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