Dhoot Driving School at Bromley, London offer superior driving programs like PCV training, driver CPC training and LGV (HGV) training

If you want to learn to drive, it would be best to find a training institute that offer all around driving training programs and are dedicated to grooming every individual who enrolls into becoming a skilled driver. At Dhoot Driving School we do exactly that. All you would need to become a skilled drive is the wish to learn driving and enroll with us. It is our commitment to make you into not only a professional skilled driver but also a safe one as well. The training programs offered at Dhoot Driving School includes LGV (HGV) training, refresher training courses, PCV training, driver CPC training and B + E car and trailer training.

For driving a passenger carrying vehicle, an automatic one as well as a manual one, you would need to undergo the PCV training program. There are various categories of this program and for driving a manual passenger carrying vehicle you would need D1 minibus, or a D automatic bus. While for driving automatic passenger carrying vehicles, you would have to opt for the categories D manual coach and D + E coach & trailer D1 + E minibus & trailer. You would also have to make the choice based on your age and the number of passengers you would be carrying in the vehicle.

The LGV (HGV) training program, on the other hand, is meant for driving large good vehicles or heavy good vehicles. Based on whether you would want to drive a automated vehicle or a rigid vehicle, you would have to choose the category C1 + E license and C1 – license, C1 + E – 7.5t & trailer, C – up to 32 tons and C + E truck & trailer, respectively. You would also have to consider your age as well as the weight your vehicle would be able to carry for choosing a particular category.

If you want to drive your large good vehicle or heavy good vehicle professionally, you would also have to undergo the CPC driver training apart from the LGV (HGV) training, irrespective of whether you are a beginner or an experienced driver. The training program consists of several driver CPC modules. But initially you would just have to go through driver CPC modules 4 and 2, among which the module 4 is the practical driving test and module 2 is the CPC theory test along with CPC case study.

You can also choose to opt for learning to drive a towing vehicle with the B + E car and trailer training program offered by us. The categories of this training program are the B license and the B + E license. The maximum authorized mass or MAM that you can tow would decide on the category you should choose. For towing weights lesser than MAM you would need a B license and for towing weights higher than the MAM, you would need a B + E license.

There are several benefits of enrolling with Dhoot Driving School for undergoing a particular kind of training program. For one thing language will never be a barrier since the trainers at Dhoot Driving School are experts in various languages. Hence not knowing English would never stop you from learning driving with us. Another benefit is that we assist you with documentations as well. You would need to fill the provisional entitlement form and the medical form and submit it to DVLA. We would not only help you in filling the forms but would also submit the forms on your behalf to DVLA.

The best service that we offer, however, is the service of pass protection and PCV pass protection. This service would allow you to sit for a driving retest for the second time, if you cannot pass your driving test on your first attempt. Hence you do not have to worry about passing your driving test since we see to it that you achieve your goal of acquiring a license successfully.

The other benefits of joining us include the fact that all our training programs are designed with a combination of practical lessons and theoretical classroom coaching. This is such that you receive an all round driving education and become not only a skilled professional driver but also a safe and knowledgeable driver as well. the vehicle used for training at Dhoot Driving School are maintained carefully and are made to fit with dual control systems such that you do not have nay problems or do not face any mishaps while learning to drive. You would get trained in driving in a completely safe environment without any worries or stress at all.

If you are interested to know more about us, the training programs we offer as well as the services we provide for your overall grooming and benefit; please just pay us a visit at Dhoot Driving School in Bromley, London.

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