Dhoot Driving School in Colindale, LGV (HGV), PCV, Driver CPC training

Today not only youngsters but people from every age group are fond of driving vehicles. And with the launch of newer vehicles day by day this craze for driving just goes on approaching towards its peak. People often find it enjoyable to drive. But in order to enjoy it fully people need to understand that driving is like an art and to be master in this very art proper training is very essential. As without training this fun can turn into hazard.

So we at Dhoot Driving School aim at making driving safe, enjoyable and memorable for all its participants.

Why to choose Dhoot Driving School only?

    • No Language Boundation: We have experts available for a variety of languages such as Polish, French, English, Spanish, Jewish language considering the Jewish population in Colindale and many more.

    • Cost effective and easily available with centers available all over Colindale.

    • Experienced Expert trainers: Who will make you aware with every tiny bit of details using various interesting tasks?

    • PVC Pass Protection: We provide with guaranteed money back guarantee till our participants succeed in getting their driving license.Dhoot Driving School is special as not every company provides you with such a facility

    • DSA approved trainers
    • Surety for Safety: As we only use safety checked vehicles during training

Range of Training categories available at Colindale

Large Goods Vehicle (LGV) or Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV): Such category of vehicles includes trucks, cranes, buses etc. being used for several purposes such as for construction. These vehicles due to their large sizes and heavy weight require proper and specialized trainers as available with Dhoot Driving School.

Passenger Carrying Vehicle (PVC): This training also is very important as this very category includes vehicles such as buses, vans, taxi etc. So over here safety of both the person driving the vehicle as well the passengers is to be kept in mind.

Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC): This very certificate is being provided by the RTO to only the person who is eligible for driving.

    • C1-License Training: This is being provided by RTO to a person who wants to drive medium sized vehicles over the public roads for their personal or public use.
    Minimum age requirement: 21 years.

    • C1-E license Training: This very training is required to drive only trucks and lorries for personal uses only.

    • C1-E 7.5 Training: Required in order to be able to drive trailers maximum weighing 750 kg.

    • C+E Truck and Trailer Training: Required for the drivers in order to drive Lorries with weights being 42 tons of trailers with choice among Articulated and Drawbar combinations.

    • D1 Minibus Training: Provides with expert training for a person in order to be able to safely drive a minibus.

    • D1+E and Trailer Training: This particular training is to teach a person about driving a minibus with capacity being 21 passengers maximum and not weighing more than 75 kg.

    • D Automatic Bus Training: This very training is to train a person in driving a modernized bus with facilities like wheel chair for the ease of handicapped persons.

    • D Manual coaches Training: A person who wants to drive a single or a double-decker bus with comparatively more number of passengers needs to undergo this sort of training.

    • D+E Manual Coach and trailer Training: This license training comprises of several categories and the participant is required to select out of these accordingly.

CPC Driver Training: This particular training is mandatory for all the drivers. So all the drivers are required to undergo this very training.
Driver CPC Training was introduced by the European Unions in order to improve driving of people so that safety can be increased and road accidents and rage can be decreased.
There are 4 driver CPC modules:
Driver CPC Module 4 and 2 are necessary for the drivers who want to have a license of their own.
Module 4: It includes a practical test of the driver who wants to obtain a license.
Module 2: It includes only the various theoretical scenarios of driving. It also includes:
CPC case study for driving license seekers, this is periodic with its time interval being 5 years in order to have the license with the driver.
CPC Theory Test or Certificate of Professional Competence: It involves a MCQ test with 50 questions in form of a written theoretical prepared to check for different learning experiences being needed for road safety for example alertness of driver, accidents, maintenance of vehicle along with its documents etc. to check the skills of new drivers.

Dhoot Driving School Refresher Training Course: In order to constantly have a driving license the driver is required to pass tests in 5 years period and this very course is specially designed for such drivers

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