Get trained professionally in LGV/HGV training, PCV training, and driver CPC training from Dhoot Driving School in East Finchley, London

When you join Dhoot Driving School in East Finchley London for a course in professional driving, you will not only all the finest skills of driving but also make a lucrative career in professional driving with this course. We offer training programs like the LGV/HGV training, PCV training and also the driver CPC training along with various other refresher training courses, you would become a full fledged driver with all the knowledge and the skills to hit the road professionally.

There are several benefits of joining Dhoot Driving School in East Finchley, London. For instance, you need not worry about the mode of training, since the training courses are available in several languages apart from English. Besides, the course materials, the theory books and also the class room coaching are all available in several other languages apart from English. Thus even if you are not comfortable with English, you can choose a different language as your training instructions mode. All our trainers are fluent in different languages apart from English and thus training in your preferred language will never be a problem at all.

Secondly all our trainers are associated with the driver standards agency and also approved by them. Thus you are truly in the best of hands when it comes to learn driving professionally and when you are a part of Dhoot Driving School in East Finchley, London. The training vehicles that are used at our centers are also state of the art and are completely equipped with the dual access controls. Thus when you are in the mode of training, you are able to get a completely safe and secured environment since with the special features like the dual access controls, there is no chance of any kind of road accidents and mishaps.

There are certain documents that you must furnish when you apply for a valid driving license. In this regard too, you can avail help from us. We assist all our trainees completely when it comes to filling up the necessary documents like the medical and the provisional entitlement forms for the driving license application. We also take care of sending the completed forms to the concerned authorities of DVLA on your behalf. There are some special services offered at Dhoot Driving School just for your benefits. Some such services include the pass protection and the PCV pass protection. These services enable you to reappear for the driving tests in case you are unable to clear it in one attempt.

The training programs that we have in offer are meant for both the beginners as well as for the experienced drivers. All the courses give equal importance to both the theoretical and the practical aspects of driving so that you learn the skill in all round ways and manners. All the training programs that are available with us at Dhoot Driving School are classified into several categories depending on certain factors. The common factors in all categories are your age and the type of the vehicle that you wish to drive.

Now for the different training programs that are available with us at Dhoot Driving School are mentioned below:

The B+E car and trailer training- This training is meant for the towing vehicles only. Depending on the maximum authorized mass limitation, you can choose between the B and the B+E license. For instance, if your vehicle weighs more than the MAM limit, you have to obtain the B+E license. But if your vehicle weighs within the MAM limit, you can obtain the B license.

LGV/HGV training: For this training, you can obtain the license for driving the large goods vehicle and the heavy goods vehicle. Depending on your age and the type of vehicle that you want to drive along with the weight specifications of your vehicle, you can choose from the categories like C – up to 32 tons, C1 + E – license, C + E – truck & trailer, C1 + E – 7.5t & trailer and C1 –license.

PCV training: This training is for driving the passenger carrying vehicles only. Depending on the type of vehicle and your age and also on the number of passengers on board of the vehicle, you can choose from the categories like D1 + E minibus & trailer, D1 minibus, D automatic bus, D + E coach & trailer, D manual coach. Amongst these, two categories are meant for the manually driven vehicles only.

Driver CPC training: This training is mandatory for all the LGV and the HGV drivers. For this course, you have to undergo a periodic training for 35 hours within 5 years. Next you have to appear for the Driver CPC theory tests with the help of the driver CPC modules. For the initial qualification, you have to pass the driver CPC modules 4 and 2 with the help of the driver CPC case studies.

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