Dhoot Driving School in Edgware, London, LGV (HGV) Training, PCV Training, Driver CPC Training

Taxis, busses are everywhere but are you restricted to travel only by them or you have to cycle your path every day or feel tired of being dependent on others. Everyone has the urge to be independent you can save your precious and important time if you know how to serve and does not wait for other or ask for their help. For that the first thing is you need a vehicle of your own and the other very important thing is driving. At Dhoot Driving School we have excellent professionals to make your driving learning experience safe, smooth, easy and enjoyable

Benefits of joining Dhoot Driving School:

1.Our Centre is available in your area in Edgware, London itself.

2.PVC Pass Protection: This protection program ensure that you will either get your driving license or you get your money back so you have nothing to lost.

3.Trainers all DSA approved that can communicate with you in your mother tongue like German, Spanish, English,Bengali etc. we got it all.

Dhoot Driving School provides training for all category of vehicle to fulfil everyone needs:

Large Goods Vehicle (LGV) Training or Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) Training: For transportation of heavy vehicles like cranes, Lorries etc. these LGV vehicles are used that are massive and are very tough to drive. Thereby these require quality training.

Passenger Carrying Vehicle (PCV) is for carrying the general public to different places. Since lives of lots of people depend on the driver this needs very safe and smooth driving skills

Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) Training is a programme designed for drivers of buses, trucks, Lorries, vans etc. so they can apply for CPC License test and pass it for the categories based upon vehicle and load it is carrying needed to drive it as they need it to drive their vehicles. The different categories of driving license are:

  • • B + E car and trailer training: This is B-category for the weights between 1 to 7.5 tonnes

  • • C1-License Training: Drivers that drive medium sized vehicles on public roads of an area with the weight limit of 3500 to 7500 kg. You need to 21+ to apply for this license.

  • • C1 + E License Training: In order to drive vehicles having extra trailer load for kg in addition to 3500 to 7500 kg limit.

  • • C1 + E – 7.5t and trailer Training: In order to drive 7.5 tonnes of weight with the trailers. This is the license for you

  • • C – up to 32 tonnes Training: Drivers need special guidance to drive the weight of 32 tonnes

  • • C + E Truck & Trailer Training: Those who drive Articulated or Drawbar combinations vehicles capable of carrying 42 tonnes. Such heavy weight makes it hard to balance

Every requisite of driving is taught and Pass Protection is given to the trainees to guide them so they can drive and manage all the scenarios and able to clear the driving tests.

  • • D1 Minibus Training: 16 is the limit and can be used for minibus only.

  • • D1+E Minibus & Trailer Training: The maximum can be of 21 people not having more than 750 kg in total.

  • • D Automatic Bus Training: Special modern facilities like tv coach or people with wheelchair that require more smooth drive to give comfort.

  • • D Manual coach Training: Unlike modern facilities there are not much facilities but it includes single as well as double decker buses.

  • • D+E Coach and Trailer Training: To carry the accommodation of 8 passengers this training and license is needed

CPC Driver Training: It is training requisite for all drivers who drives LGV Large Goods Vehicles All the drivers need to have this training. This is a very systematic approach.EU introduced Driver CPC Training in order to improve driving standards of the people in order to improve the road safety measures Test is divided systematically into 4 driver CPC modules.

  • • Module 1 and 3 are for LGV Large Goods Vehicles It is mandatory to pass Module 1 before Module 3.Module 1 is theoretical

  • • Driver CPC Module 4 and 2 have fees of £30 and £55- £63 based on weekday or weekend respectively. Module 4 focus on the practical exam of the driving and Module 2 consists of theoretical aspects of driving. This need to renew every 5 years to sustain the driving license. CPC Theory Test or Certificate of Professional Competence is a multiple choice based written examination test that is conducted to test the knowledge of the aspiring drivers related to the driving. This theoretical test have total 50 questions that are asked based on various rules for safe driving skills. These two tests are necessities to qualify for a good and responsible driver. Module 2 have CPC case study

Refresher Training Course is provided to drivers who wants to refresh in order to pass exam again. People who are giving test again after period of 5 years usually joins this to fresh up their knowledge.

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