Elephant and Castle, London offers Dhoot Driving School with programs like PCV training, Driver CPC training and LGV (HGV) training

If you are planning to make a career in the field of skilled driving then the probably the best option is to get in touch with our Dhoot Driving School center in Elephant and Castle, London. All of the skilled driving programs that have been designed by our experienced and professional teams are simply outstanding and once you complete the program successfully, you will be able to drive vehicles like a skilled driver. Our main focus is to let you know about all the basics that a skilled driver needs to know and this is the reason why our Elephant and Castle, London center provides training with programs such as PCV training, Driver CPC training and LGV (HGV) Training.

Our well experienced and professional trainers always try to focus on quality training and always make sure that the trainee should understand this thing that driving is a combination of following traffic rules and sensible skills. We always want that you should be able to adapt these factors so that you become a decent and smooth driver. All of our refresher training courses at Elephant and Castle, London center are designed in a special manner so that not even a single traffic rule is left out and you should also learn about the sensible aspects of smooth driving.

Benefits of undergoing training from us
  • • All of our trainers at Elephant and Castle, London training institute are related to USA and are also registered with the Driving Standards Agency. Hence you can be completely sure that you are getting trained from skillful and full-fledged trainers who are going to tell you about the minutest technicalities and the best skills of driving.
  • • One of the main benefits of undergoing training with us is that our trainers are multi lingual and we also design our course material in different languages. Our main aim is that everybody should get a chance to learn driving skills and will be able to follow and learn all the instructions in their own languages
  • • The vehicles that we use for training purposes are fully equipped with latest and trendy mechanisms and all of them are connected with twin access control so that you don’t feel nervous while driving as somebody is always there with you to support and control the vehicle.
  • • All these exclusive and safety features are very much necessary and prove to be quite useful while handling the trainees. Moreover the main aim of bringing in so many safety features is to ensure that there is zero occurrence of any kind of mishap or accident while driving.

Different Training Modules Covered:

The PCV Training: The PCV training is basically meant for commercial vehicles such as traveler carrying vehicles and it depends on the total number of passengers on the vehicle. There are few sub-classes that have been defined under this PCV training module such as:

  • • D Automatic bus.
  • • D1-Minibus.
  • • D and D1.
  • • D+E and D1+ E minibus.
  • • The Trailer.

One point that you must note down is that the primary 2 classes are for manually operative vehicles and the training program is mainly linked with only articulated vehicles.

The LGV/HGV training: The LGV/HGV training is basically aimed at those carrying vehicles that deal in bigger products. This module also has few sub-classes such as:

  • • B+E car.
  • • Trailer training.
  • • C, C1 and C+E.
  • • C1+E.

You must remember that sometimes these classes are only concerned with rigid vehicles only. Another important factor that is being taken into consideration is the weight of the vehicle so that it becomes easy for you to decide about the exact vehicle training. Apart from all the training modules that are discussed above there is one more important module called as B+E automotive and trailer training and is concerned with all the categories vehicles which will be towed. Another point discussed above was related to weight and if the approved mass allowed for the vehicle called as MAM is within the limit then you need to get the B license and if it is more, the B+E license is required.

The final and the main module is related to driver CPC training and we at Elephant and Castle, London always try to deliver our best. If you want to be an expert driver then you will need to have both the LGV/HGV certification with you along with CPC which is called as certification of the professional competence. In order to complete this certification you have to undergo a periodic coaching of 35 hours, each 5 years. Apart from the practical approach you also need to clear the CPC theory tests.

Once you successfully clear all the modules you can also expect complete help from Elephant and Castle, London in filling of forms that are required for obtaining a valid driving license.

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