Dhoot Driving School in Golders Green, London, LGV (HGV) Training, PCV Training, Driver CPC Training

We are living in an era where cars have become new horses. World is becoming a small place where you need cars, buses, trucks etc. to travel from one place to another. Buying a car and putting it in your garage or parking is not enough now. But having the vehicle and ability to drive properly gives you virtually the freedom to travel to any place in short amount of time with comfortable. Traffic is increasing day by day and proper driving is important for everyone.Dhoot Driving School centre is one such place that is very reliable and have very simple process of teaching all the driving essentials.

Advantages in being a part of Dhoot Driving School:

1.Dhoot Driving School is near your residential location in Golders Green, London.

2.PVC Pass Protection: Our formal guarantee that we will get you re-exam if you fail by training you again or we will give your fees back.

3.We have trainers that speak in all type of languages like Japanese, Urdu, Guajarati etc. we have all what you need.

Dhoot Driving School list of courses and vehicles type:

Large Goods Vehicle (LGV) Training or Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) Training: These are not for carrying people but heavy materials generally used in travel and construction. Heavy goods are transported from source to destination in big vehicles like trucks, Lorries, Cranes etc. are used to carry heavy load are very hard to drive. They are difficult to handle so they require better training for that.

Passenger Carrying Vehicle (PCV) includes public transportation vehicles like vans, buses and taxies that are used to carry passengers whose life is in your hands who have a faith in you and trust on your driving skills from one location to another.

Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) is the final step that makes a trainee eligible for driving the vehicle on road. Training is for drivers driving buses, vans, Lorries, trucks etc. therefore they can have CPC License which have various categories depending on vehicle and the load capacity that can be carried with the vehicles they are using for driving. Regional Transport Office issues to driving license:

  • • B + E car and trailer training: Mainly used for towing with capacity 1 to 7.5 tonnes

  • • C1-License Training: Drivers driving medium size vehicles on public area on the road having the weight limitation of 3500 to 7500 kg. Age must be more than 21 or you cannot apply for it.

  • • C1 + E License Training: for driving vehicles having a trailer for carrying in addition along 3500 to 7500 kg limitation.

  • • C1 + E – 7.5t and trailer Training: If you like to carry the weight of 7.5 tonnes trailers you need to have C1 + E – 7.5t and trailer license. A special training is needed for this.

  • • C – up to 32 tonnes Training: Drivers for this category need special training to drive the heavy weight of 32 tonnes

  • • C + E Truck & Trailer Training: If you need to use Drawbar or Articulated combinations in your driving vehicles having carrying capacity of huge 42 tonnes. Such huge weight makes balancing tough.

After C comes the D category
  • • D1 Minibus Training: Minibus with the capacity of up to 16 people at most.

  • • D1+E Minibus & Trailer Training: There is a limitation with this license either you can 750 kg or 21 people at most.

  • • D Automatic Bus Training: Modern buses having some new features like wheel chair option or sleeping buses, with television etc comforts provided inside the bus need the drivers have the D Automatic Bus license .

  • • D Manual coach Training: Non automatic regular buses like single decker or double-decker buses needs D Manual coach.

  • • D+E Coach and Trailer Training: To provide the accommodation facilities of up to 8 people at max

CPC Driver Training: It is compulsory training essential for all drivers who wants to drive LGV Large Goods Vehicles. EU made Driver CPC Training reduce the risk on roads and for betterment of the people safety

Test is strategically divided into 4 different driver CPC modules:

Module 1 and module 3 are for LGV Large Goods Vehicles while Driver CPC Module 4 and 2 are related to drivers who want to have licence. Module 2 consists of CPC case study its exam. Module 4 is a practical module of the driving that is used to demonstrate the safety of the vehicle. Module 2 consists of theoretical aspects of driving. Module 2 has 7 case studies that focus on different scenarios

Theory Test or Certificate of Professional Competence is a computer based theory test having multiple choice questions. Refresher Training Course is provided GP for all those who need to rejuvenate their driving skills for test as it is mandatory to have 35 hours of periodic training every 5 years to keep your CPC with you.

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