Driver CPC Training at Dhoot Driving School Holborn, London for a Great Future in Professional Driving

There are various categories of vehicles. Usually people are aware of only two categories: two wheelers and four wheelers. But only few people know that there are several sub-categories as well. The four wheeler segment can be divided further of which heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) and passenger carrying vehicles (PCVs) are major. These vehicles are used for specific purposes and are more complicated than the regular four wheelers like cars etc.

Since there is dissimilarity, people who have a normal driving license are not allowed to drive a vehicle from this category. It is termed as professional driving and hence one has to fulfill all the terms and conditions. One major requirement to become a professional driver is to have a license of that particular category. But then the government has introduced another essential license called CPC.

Why CPC is that Important?

CPC stands for Certification of Professional Competence that is meant for professional drivers who drive vehicles like coaches, buses, trucks etc. It has been introduced with an aim to improving safety on the roads. The professional drivers are expected to maintain their driving standards and skills. The relevance of CPC has increased and countries all over the world are taking it seriously. Drivers of Lorries that are above 3.5 tonnes while minibuses with capacity of 9 seats and above need to have the CPC license. Thus, if you wish to become a professional driver, you have to acquire all necessary licenses. There are punishments for people who are found violating the law.

Structure of CPC

CPC can be divided into two categories: initial and advanced. While the initial test is meant for new drivers, the advanced one is for drivers who are experienced and have been driving such vehicles.

  • 1- Initial test: The initial test consists of theory and practical tests which every person has to pass. If one fails to do this in first attempt, he can appear for it again. But then if one joins a driver CPC training program, things become simpler. The training programs are designed specifically for people training them in all aspects that would be considered during the test.
  • 2- Advanced: The advanced phase consists of training only where one has to attend at least 35 hours of training sessions in every 5 years. If one does not follow the rule, his CPC license will not be valid.

CPC Training At Dhoot Driving School, Holborn, London

Dhoot Driving School, Holborn, London offers CPC training programs ensuring that people who want to become professional drivers can pass all the tests without any problems. The trainers have in-depth knowledge and are aware of the pattern of the test and topics that are important. Thus, if you join any training program here, you will get an opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills that would allow you to join the league of professional drivers.

Focus on Theory as Well As Practical

Trainers at Dhoot Driving School, Holborn, London understand that every test is important in process of acquiring a CPC license and this is why they focus on everything. You can consult your trainers when filling the application form so that you do not commit any mistake. After this, you will have to begin with the theory sessions. The sessions go according to the pattern of the test. On one hand, there would be discussions on information given in CPC modules which would help you answer the multiple choice questions. The trainers also discuss situations where as a driver you will have to take quick decisions and handle things to avoid any mishap. Apart from this, there are case studies as well since the second part of the test consists of case study where the person is expected to analyze things and then take a decision.

Once you are prepared for the theory test, the trainers at Dhoot Driving School, Holborn, London will start with the next phase. This involves practical training sessions where you will be asked to drive a vehicles like D1 minibus (a PCV) or C1 + E – 7.5t and trailer (a HGV). The choice of the vehicle would depend if you have a PCV license or a HGV license. Here, you will have to prove your driving capabilities as well as knowledge about safety measures that you are expected to take when driving. Trainers at Dhoot Driving School, Holborn, London, keep an eye on every action and will guide you in every way so that you become a perfect driver and can pass the practical test as well.

Once you have cleared the initial test, you just have to attend advanced training sessions. Becoming a professional driver is not a difficult task if you join the right CPC driver training program like one at Dhoot Driving School, Holborn London. The trainers are committed to assist you in every possible way and would put in best efforts to develop all necessary skills that would contribute to your bright future as a professional driver.

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