Dhoot Driving School in Hoxton, London provides world class training programs like LGV (HGV) training

For state of the art driving training in you should visit Dhoot Driving School in Hoxton, London. Among the various training programs offered by us, the PCV training, driver CPC training, refresher training courses, B + E car and trailer training and LGV (HGV) training are the most chosen ones since these training programs apart from training you how to drive also opens up career opportunities. At Dhoot Driving School we provide complete assistance and guidance to experienced drivers wishing to upgrade their skills as well as beginners alike. All our training programs are designed to make you a skilled and knowledgeable driver while being a safe driver as well.

Each training program has subcategories that you can choose from depending on your age the kind of vehicle you would like to drive and a few other factors. If suppose you wish to drive passenger carrying vehicles or more commonly known as public vehicles, you would have to undergo PCV training program or passenger carrying vehicle training. The subcategories within this training program are D1 minibus, D1 + E minibus & trailer, D automatic bus, D manual coach, D + E coach & trailer. The subcategory that would be suitable for you would, like mentioned above, depend on your age the kind of vehicle you would drive and in this case the number of passengers you would be carrying in your vehicle. For manual driven vehicles, you would need D1 minibus or a D automatic bus. The other subcategories are for automatic vehicles.

For driving towing vehicles you would have to opt for B + E car and trailer training. The subcategories within this training program are the B license and the B + E license. Depending of the maximum authorized mass or the MAM you would be towing in your vehicle, you would have to pick one subcategory.

The most popular driving training program is possibly LGV (HGV) training or driving training program meant for driving large good vehicles and heavy good vehicles. Depending on the weight you would be carrying in your vehicle you have to choose from the sub categories C1 + E – license, C1 + E – 7.5t & trailer, C – up to 32 tons, C + E truck & trailer and C1 – license. Another factor for deciding the sub category would be the kind of good vehicle you would be driving. For instance you would need a C1 + E license for driving an articulated vehicle and you can choose any of the above for driving rigid vehicles.

You would however need to undergo CPC driver training as well if you want to drive either a large good vehicle or a heavy good vehicle professionally. As per the latest requirement by the legislation of 2009 this training consists of a periodic 35 hours of training for every 5 years time. There are several CPC driver modules but for passing the CPC theory test you would have to qualify for the CPC driver modules 4 and 2. Module 2 is the CPC case study that would be helpful for you to understand the on road traffic situations and module 4 is the practical driving test.

You would not have any problem whatsoever for passing your driving test, regardless of the training program you choose or the subcategory you choose, if you train with us. The reason is that we not only give emphasis on your practical training but also on your theoretical knowledge and hence our training programs are made with a combination of practical training sessions along with theoretical classes. You would not have any problems attending the theory classes or following the instructions of your trainer since all our trainers are experts in various languages apart from being approved driving instructors by the driving standard agency.

Even after training with us, you fail to clear your driving test you still have nothing to worry about. We offer you the shield of pass protection and PCV pass protection. These services would ensure that you can re appear for a re driving test, if you fail your first attempt at the driving test.

At Dhoot Driving School we also assist you with filling up the various forms that are required for getting your license. You have to fill up and submit the medical form as well as the provisional entitlement form and submit to DVLA. You would not only get assistance in filling up the forms at Dhoot Driving School but we would also submit the form on your behalf to the concerned authority i.e. DVLA. You can have a stress free learning experience when you come to learn driving from us.

Hence if you just have the willingness to learn driving, visit us at Dhoot Driving School in Hoxton, London and we would help you become a skilled, safe and knowledgeable professional driver.

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