Ensure Proper Training In Proficient Driving With PCV Training, LGV/ HGV Training And Driver CPC Training

Imagining a life exclusive of cars in London is almost like difficult. If you have a personal car and if you know to drive it, then can really make you happy and satisfied. But the fact that in order to drive a car properly you need to undergo few trainings so that you can become a perfect driver. While driving you also need to follow traffic rules and need to drive carefully. If you want to follow all these points then the best place in London is Dhoot Driving School in Hyde Park, London.

This institute is an ideal place to learn about the driving basics, rules and regulations and moreover apart from all the driving courses you can also opt for refresher training courses from them. Professional driving is such a beautiful thing that it can help you to shape up your career into a new path. It actually doesn’t matter, if or not, you are an experienced driver or a new candidate, we enclose something for everything at our training center in Hyde Park, London.

Here is the complete description of all the main courses that we offer at our premier training institute in London:
  • • The first one is called as LGV/HGV training. This training is applicable for large goods as well as the heavy goods vehicle drivers. However, there are few conditions that need to be followed such as specifications and the weight of the vehicle. These specifications and weights decide about the category of the training that you will undergo and here are those categories B+E car and trailer training, C, C1, C+E and C1+E.
  • • The second one is called as, PCV training: This is for few vehicles only. These are performed with the help of normally driven vehicles. Different categories are D automatic bus and D1- Minibus, etc.
  • • The third one is the driver CPC training: The driver CPC training is mandatory and you must clear this training in order to become fully certified. In order to clear this training you need to undergo a 35 hours of training for every 5 years and you also need to go through the driver CPC module and driver case studies related to the subject.
  • • The B+E car and trailer training: If you want to train yourself on towing vehicles then B+E car and trailer training is best for you. In order to clear this training you need to consider the MAM limit also called as Maximum Authorized Mass. If MAM is within the limit then you need to obtain a B license and if it is a heavy vehicle you need to get hold of the B+E license.

The best part about Dhoot Driving School in Hyde Park, London is that it offers all the above mentioned courses and in case you are an experienced and professional driver and want to test your skills you can also opt for different refresher training courses from us.

How Dhoot Driving School can prove to be beneficial for you?
  • • There are many positive points that are involved when you pursue a professional driving course from us such as all of our trainers are well experienced and completely professional.
  • • Our main aim is to make you understand about all the basics and traffic rules.
  • • You can also expect our trainers to be multi-lingual and the course material is also available in different languages.
  • • Our staff and trainer team always try to behave in a professional and well mannered way.
  • • All of our vehicles that we use for training purposes are fitted with full safety material and latest equipments such as dual access controls. Such safety measures and latest equipment ensures that there are zero chances of any mishaps or accidents

Special services offered by us
  • • You can also expect help regarding filling up driving license forms and other medical forms.
  • • Our dedicated staff and professionals try their best to guide you in a best possible manner.
  • • The refresher training courses are specially designed for professional and well experienced drivers. Hence in case you wish to test your skills or analyze your performance you can pursue such short term courses.
  • • Our Dhoot Driving School institute in Hyde Park, London is fully equipped with latest study material and equipments that are required to successfully complete professional driving trainings.

In short you can expect a one stop shop for every need that is related to professional driving training and heavy vehicle driving training. We will always try our level best to help you and to make you a complete professional driver who can drive any kind of vehicle with complete safety and in a most genuine manner. You just need to have complete faith in yourself and you will be able to do miracles.

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