Exceptional classes for LGV(HGV), PCV and Driver CPC training at Dhoot Driving School in Loughton London

Fascinated by the life of a driver who is always on the go sitting behind those steering wheels? Then we at Dhoot Driving School Loughton London can help you become one.LGV, PCV and Driver CPC training from us can help you find better avenues to work as a driver in Loughton London. With our specialty like training instructors, who are Approved Driving Instructors (ADI) registered under Driving Standards Agency (DSA) and multilingual training programs, driver training can become an easy task for all aspiring drivers. Taking HGV training for large vehicles, PCV and CPC for driving commercial vehicles from the expert instructors we have with us, guarantees to gift you the best driver training available in your town. Want to know more about the courses and modules of driver training we have in offer? Take look at the details below;

LGV (HGV )Training
  • • LGV license are of two LGV class C License and LGV Class C + E License. LGV Class c or rigid are received when you are trained fully. A qualified LGV trainer can drive rigid Lorries weigh over 7.5 tones. Goods C +E truck & Trailer of rigid must be 7500kg to 750kg.
  • • An LGV Class C+E or Artic qualified person can driver any weight LGV vehicle. The LGV C+E category C must driver goods vehicle more 750kg.

PCV Training
  • • In the specialized PCV training, we are offering a category D License for PCV drivers, so that they can drive both minibus (D1) and also a bus or a coach (D).
  • • The training course of Dhoot Driving School for Passenger carrying vehicle will teach you all types of PCV D. Then you will get the license to drive any PCV’s like a D1 manual coach or D Automatic Bus or D Manual Coach, Single or a Double Decker and D1 Minibuses.

Driver CPC training
  • • According to the EU Directive 2003-59 in Europe and UK, Driver Certificate of Professional Competence or CPC has been introduced since 2009. It was being introduced for following the transport rules on the road for the safety of the public. So it is mandatory that aspiring drivers have to take a 35 hours compulsory CPC driver training (driver CPC modules 4 and 2) within Five years from their license date and should take a refresher course in this five years time intervals for continuing the commercial driving. CPC training modules involve theory and practical tests. The CPC theory part is further divided into a multiple choice questions part and a hazard perception test. Passing both the tests is mandatory to be qualified for the certification.

  • • Apart from the positive career aspects it has got, the benefits of Driver CPC training course also involves certain legal connotations as well as Technological implications.

Our advantages

Considered to be the best in this business, we at Dhoot Driving School, Loughton London take pride in our years of expertise providing driver training programs tailor made to suit the requirements of individuals. Be it for beginners or experienced drivers looking for refresher courses, we have a course plan specifically suited to make you an expert driver. With our Dhoot Driving School you are sure to overcome all hassles and becoming an expert driver. If you want to make the most of the time and money spent on your driver training course, it necessary that the quality, speed and efficiency of the course you attend is of high standard.

We have our driver training services extended over a wide network of places, so that you have no trouble in choosing a location to learn by as per your convenience, as. Our highly qualified team of professionals can help you out with some tips on the route and road rules, provide valuable knowledge of local areas, and also give some advices for passing the examination first time. Assessing the abilities of an individual before booking the training course for any category is a practice we follow as a ritual every time we accept admissions. We also look at your requirement and budget too and suggest courses accordingly. This ensures that neither your hard earned time nor money doesn’t go wasted. If you require only a refresher course, it is also offered for LGV drivers. All the vehicles we use for giving driver training practices are European Standard 2013 fully compliant LGV vehicles that are equipped with dual controls so that you don’t bump and cause accidents while learning. Our state of the art training ensures that you turn out to be a skilled driver with good awareness of road rules and legal implications. There is no better place where you can get HPV, PCV and Driver CPC training and drive with ease and convenience with the best regard for public safety.

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