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Looking for a professional driver’s training options for LGV (HGV) or PCV or Driver CPC training? We Dhoot Driving School are the pioneers into this field. We offer you one of the best drivers’ training at Manor House, London. All our training courses are taught by well experienced and DSA approved trainers. Keeping in mind of security of our students the vehicles used for training are the latest and well maintained.

You will find many driver training services but Dhoot Driving School unique feature is that we provide driver training course in several language English, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi, Kashmiri and many more. So, at our center no one will face any language barrier.

1. LGV (HGV) training: LGV (Large goods vehicle) initially was known as HGV (Heavy goods vehicle). At Dhoot Driving School we offer you best and cheap learning courses in Manor House, London. All our training has been made to hold drivers with all levels of experience. Below we have described our LGV training courses. To start with this training course, for category C license:

  • You will need a LGV (HGV) license
  • You should be of 18 years
  • You must have valid Category B license
  • You should be in proper health i.e. medically fit

For category C1,
  • You should posses a valid Category C license
  • You should of 21 years old
  • If you are 18 years old, but holds Certificate of Professional Competency (CPC) , you automatically become eligible for C+E
  • You should appear for CPC theory test and CPC case study to obtain C+E

Various licenses category under Category C & C1 are:
  • a) C1 – License: This license is required for large vehicles where weight not exceeds 7500 Kg and not more than eight passengers with addition to driver and trailer not exceeding 750 Kg.
  • b) C1 + E – License: This license is required for rigid vehicles in category C1 but trailer greater than 750 Kgs and weight not exceeding 12,00 Kgs .
  • c) C1 + E – 7.5t and trailer: We provide C1 + E (medium goods vehicles between 3500 and up to 7500 Kgs) driver training course. This license is required for ones who holds C1 license and who have C1+ E license on acquired rights with a weight restriction of 8250 kg and requiring a restriction to 12000 Kg.
  • d) C – Up to 32 tones: This type of license allows drivers to drive vehicles of maximum weight of 32 tones and minimum of 3.5 tones.
  • e) C + E Truck & Trailer: This type of license is required for trucks with maximum weight up to 44 tone and trailer greater than 750 Kgs.

If you are not sure about which training course you should opt for just call us at 020 8819 0000 and let us know your query. We assure you that we will guide in choosing the course for you.

2) PCV training: In Manor House, London if you want to drive PCV (Passenger Carrying Vehicle) i.e. a minibus you will have to apply for minibus license i.e. category D1 minibus. A minibus is allowed to carry passenger between 6 and 16. Eligibility criteria to get this license are:

  • You should be of 21 years of age or above
  • You should have a Category B license for at least 2 years
  • You should drive on a voluntary basis.
  • Maximum weight allowed is 3.5 tones

Various tests under this training are:
  • a) PCV D1 Minibus training
  • b) PCV D1+E Minibus & Trailer training
  • c) PCV D Automatic Bus training
  • d) PCV D Manual Coach training
  • e) PCV D+E Coach and Trailer training
  • f) B + E car and trailer training

3) CPC driver training: CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) is required for every professional driver in European area. Dhoot Driving School at Manor House, London is obliged to provide Driver CPC training for LGV (HGV) and PCV drivers. A certificate from Dhoot Driving School will help you gain confidence and much satisfaction in your career. There are four driver CPC modules that every driver has to clear:

  • a) CPC Module 1- Multiple choice questions CPC theory test
  • b) CPC Module 2- CPC case study
  • c) CPC Module 3- CPC Practice Test
  • d) CPC Module 4- Driver CPC Practical Test

Also, at Dhoot Driving School we offer refresher training courses required for LGV driver. On having a free assessment we provide full details about the refresher courses. But rest assured depending upon your availability we will offer you the course.

Also, if you go for Dhoot Driving School, you need not to take any tension about the paperwork. We are there to help you with all the paperwork in order to get your professional driver license.

So, don’t miss a single minute and call us at 020 8819 0000 to book your driver training assessment- we won’t disappoint you.

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