Get to learn LGV (HGV), PCV and driver CPC Training at Dhoot Driving School in Muswell Hill, London

Looking for best driver training option in Muswell Hill, London, well in that case Dhoot Driving School is there to make you a perfect driver and provide LGV (HGV) training, PCV training and Driver CPC training.

Dhoot Driving School offers full range of driving courses starting from LGV (Large Goods Vehicle) to PCV (Passenger Carrying vehicle). Our unique feature is that we provide training in many English, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi, Kashmiri and many more. So, at Dhoot Driving School no one can ever face a language problem.

Below listed are various types of training courses available at Dhoot Driving School.

1. PCV training: If you have a PCV (Passenger Carrying Vehicle) and want to drive it, it is mandatory for you to get a driving license for the same. If you want to get a driving license you need to get a driver training for it. We Dhoot Driving School is the leader in PCV training in Muswell Hill, London. With us you can best resources and latest techniques being used for driver training.

Before you start the PCV training, below are requirements to get PCV license:
  • If you have achieved the PCV category B license, it is mandatory for you to go through some medical tests in order to prove you medical fitness
  • On clearing the medical exam, you should apply to DVLA so that you can proceed with further proceedings to learn driving the PCV’s (passenger carrying vehicles)
  • Remember when applying with DVLA, don’t forget to apply for provisional entitlement for Category D and D1

The next step after clearing the medical tests is that you will have to clear the PCV theory tests. At Dhoot Driving School, PCV training is divided into categories i.e. D1 & D. The training offered is purely based on user’s requirement.

Various licenses category under Category D & D1 are:
  • a) D1 Minibus: Minibus under this category and constructed in such a way that more than sixteen passengers are not allowed in driver seat as addition. The length of vehicle also doesn’t exceed 8 meters and with or without weight trailer up to 750Kg. If you want to get a license for minibus then you will have to avail PCV category D1 license.

  • b) D1+E Minibus & Trailer: The vehicle requirements are same as D1 but trailer can be over 750 Kgs but the total weight shouldn’t be more than 12000 Kg. If you owe a minibus or trailer then you must apply for to get minibus license with PCV category D1+E.

  • c) D Automatic Bus & D Manual Coach: Buses under this Category D are designed to carry more than 8 passengers and trailer weight not more than 750 Kgs. To get the PCV category D automatic bus license, you need to pass the driving test of an automated bus similarly if you want the license for manual coach, you will have to clear the test for manual bus. Once the driving test is cleared you will get the driving license for PCV under category D.

  • d) D+E Coach and Trailer: The vehicle requirement are same as category D but trailer weight can be over 750 Kg

2. LGV (HGV) Training: At Dhoot Driving School, we also provide driver training for LGV (Large goods vehicles). Some licenses category under this training are:

  • a. LGV C1- License
  • b. LGV C1 + E – License
  • c. LGV C1 + E – 7.5t and trailer
  • d. LGV C – Up to 32 tones
  • e. LGV C + E Truck & Trailer

3. CPC driver training & refresher training courses: The CPC (Driver Certificate of Professional Competence) is required to every professional driver because it ensures that the drivers are following the safety rules while on road. It is mandatory for all drivers to go for 35 hours of training within a time limit of 5 years stating when they have got their driver licenses. Also, it is required for fresher training courses so that the driver can continue his driving career.

Once you visit Dhoot Driving School to get a driver training we will introduce to you to our trainers who are DSA approved and well experienced. Our trainers are well qualified and friendly. Once you start your driver training with us, we take guarantee that you won’t face any kind of problem and will clear your entire tests with 100 % success rate. Leave all your tensions and worries on Dhoot Driving School. In fact, if you go with Dhoot Driving School another benefit you can avail us that we will help you to get all you paper work done. No need to worry about how you will complete all your paperwork.

If you are still confused about Dhoot Driving School if we are right choice or not, just call us at 020 88190000 and book a free trail for you and we will clear all your doubts.

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