Join Dhoot Driving School at Norbury, London for a career with PCV training, LGV (HGV) training and driver CPC training

For learning to drive at Dhoot Driving School in Norbury, London you do not need anything except perhaps the willingness to learn. We have training programs for beginners as well as experienced drivers. Hence if you are keen on learning to drive or wish to upgrade or refresh your skills, you can come to us. It is our responsibilities to see that you get the best possible driving training such that you not only pass your driving test with flying colors but also become a skilled professional driver. Driving as a profession is a fulfilling career and a high paying one as well, if you just choose sensibly and if you have a passion for the roads.

The training programs that we offer includes B + E car and trailer training, PCV training, LGV (HGV) training and driver CPC training along with refresher training courses. You would not face any problems or have to take any stresses if you enroll with us. We not only train you to drive but also provide theoretical classes such that you are knowledgeable about the various aspects of driving and are aware of the safety rules too. You do not need to worry about language being a barrier since our trainers know multiple languages too apart from being approved driving instructors registered by the driving standard agency. The vehicles we use for training are completely safe too since every training vehicle is fitted with dual control systems and are also in perfect working condition.

All you would need to do is choose a training program as per the vehicle you would like to drive. There are further subcategories of each training program and you would have to choose a subcategory too based on certain factors like your age and so on. Given below are the brief details on the training programs offered by us, like the vehicle you can drive by choosing a particular training program, the subcategories and the factors that would influence your choice of a particular subcategory.

B + E trailer training – For driving towing vehicles, you would need to undergo this training program. There are just two subcategories and they are the B license and B + E license. The factors influencing your choice are your age and the weight your vehicle would be able to tow.

PCV training – For driving passenger carrying vehicles, you should have to pursue this particular training program. PCV stands for passenger carrying vehicle. The subcategories within this training program are divided as per the vehicle you would drive. For instance you would need a D1 minibus or a D automatic bus for driving manual PCV. For driving automatic PCV you would need a D1 + E minibus & trailer or a D manual coach or a D + E coach & trailer. Apart from the kind of vehicle, your choice of a category would also depend on your age and the number of passengers you would have on board of your vehicle.

LGV (HGV) training – For driving large good vehicles and heavy good vehicles, you must opt for this training program. LGV stands for large good vehicle and HGV stands for heavy good vehicle. There are different subcategories in this training program as well and as per your age, the weight you would be able to carry in your vehicle and the kind of LGV or HGV you wish to drive. There are two kinds of LGV and HGV and they are the rigid ones and articulated ones. For driving an articulated LGV or HGV, you would need a C1 + E license and for driving the rigid ones you can choose amongst C1 + E – 7.5t & trailer, C – up to 32 tons, C + E truck & trailer and C1 – license.

CPC driver training – If you are keen to drive your vehicle professionally this is one training program that is mandatory for you. As per the legislation of 2009, this law has come into action. Among the several driver CPC modules, you would have to pass driver CPC modules 4 and 2. Module 2 is the CPC theory test with the CPC case study that is for your understanding of the real time road situations and module 4 is the driving test. Apart from this you would also need to undergo a training of 35 hours periodically after every 5 years time.

You can also leave your worries of not being able to pass your driving test with us since we offer you a second chance at it. With our service of PCV pass protection and pass protection you can expect to appear for your driving test for the second time, if you cannot pass it at the first go. To know more please feel free to visit us at Dhoot Driving School in Norbury, London

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