Become a well trained driver for LGV (HGV), PCV and driver CPC at Dhoot Driving School in North Finchley, London

In the recent years, strictness has been increased regarding the licenses being issued to people to drive large goods or passenger carrying vehicles because it has been analyzed that major road accidents happens due to driver driving who are not trained enough. Also, the hiring process of driver has become a little bit difficult.

Have you make up your mind to choose driving as your career. If yes, you should keep in mind you should be well trained driver otherwise this career can be difficult for you to pursue. Dhoot Driving School is one of the best training schools in North Finchley, London. Every student of ours is a master in the field of driving.

We have well qualified driving instructors who take care of their students very much. Every student here is given a personal attention. One major advantage to choose Dhoot Driving School is that we provide driver training in many language like English, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi, Kashmiri and many more. This is major problem that people face if they have migrated from different country. So, at Dhoot Driving School we have a solution to your language problem too. We have instructors available in the language you choose.

Below listed are various types of training courses available at Dhoot Driving School.

1. CPC driver training: The CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) is now mandatory for every professional bus, coach or lorry driver even if you are a new or old driver. The main benefits of driver CPC training is :

  • – It ensures that all drivers all qualified enough for driving
  • – It helps a driver to sharpen his driving skills
  • – It helps a professional driver to keep himself up to date of latest automobile technology
  • – It helps you to become better trained and safer driver
  • – It helps you to stay fit and fine
  • – It helps us to make less road accidents- which ultimately is good for road safety
  • – If you have undergone driver CPC course it will be of a great help if by chance you have to move out one country and move onto another.
  • – If you are planning to choose driving as your career then this training can prove to be a boon to your career.

If you are a new driver it is required for you to get CPC (Driver Certificate of Professional Competence). Also, for existing drivers it is mandatory for them to undergo for 35 hours of periodic training within a time limit of 5 years starting from the day when they got their vocational driving license.

At Dhoot Driving School, we have divided the driver CPC training into for modules:
  • Module 1 – Multiple Choice questions – CPC Theory Test
  • Module2 – CPC Case Study
  • Module3 – Practical Test
  • Module4 – Driver CPC Practical Test

Benefits of CPC:
  • • Technology: Since automobile technology changes very frequently. So, it is advisable for drivers to undergo these refresher training courses after every five years, so that they always remain up to date of the latest technology
  • • Legal suggestion: It has noted that many road accidents occur due to unskilled drivers on the road. A formal driver CPC training helps a driver to enrich himself with good driving skills. So, keeping in mind the safety of people this training is mandatory
  • • Career: From career point of view this training is a good option. If you migrated from any country this will be a beneficial training for you.

So, seeing all these benefits go to Dhoot Driving School, one of the best training schools and become an efficient and well trained driver.

2. Refresher Training Courses: According to driver’s needs Dhoot Driving School offers a large number of refresher training courses. Refresher courses are those who have taken a break from their driver career and now want to reuse their LGV or PCV license .On booking a free assessment with Dhoot Driving School will help you to choose which refresher course you should avail.

3. PCV training: If you want to drive a PCV i.e. Passenger carrying vehicle (minibus or bus) with proper training a driver should have PCV license. Licenses under this training are: C1 – License, C1 + E – License, C1 + E – 7.5t and trailer, C – Up to 32 tones, C + E Truck & Trailer. If you want to see more details for PCV training, browse for PCV Driver Training at our site.

4. LGV (HGV) Training: If you want to drive a LGV i.e. Large Goods vehicle i.e. trucks etc. By getting training at Dhoot Driving School, you can become a very good driver. Various licenses under this training are C1 – License, C1 + E – License, C1 + E – 7.5t and trailer, C – up to 32 tones, C + E Truck & Trailer, B + E car and trailer training. If you want to see more details for this training, browse for LGV (HGV) Driver Training at our site.

This is guarantee from Dhoot Driving School, once you complete you training with us you will surely get a full valid license, so that you enjoy you life to the fullest.

If you are still in doubt to go for Dhoot Driving School, give us a chance to clear all you doubt. Just call us at 020 88190000.

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