Dhoot Driving School North London is the best driving school for PCV training, LGV/HGV training and CPC driver training

According to the survey, thousands of drivers are involved in accidents on the road of London each year, with many of these disastrous or resulting to serious injuries. Among the most of these accidents are caused for over-speeding among drivers and overall lack of driving experience. So if someone thinks that driving is a very easy and straight-forward job then it is a total misconception of that person. Most of these accidents could have been avoided if people take the proper driving lessons from a reputed driving school.

Proper driving lesson is extremely important for a new comer as well as professional drivers. They should know the capabilities of a car like how it behaves in certain situations, how it reacts to various types of road circumstances, how the driver should maintain the control of the car in different contexts. Looking for the best driving lessons can be quite hard when one can easily be clogged with information. By saying best, it does not mean that the school that teaches the very accurate and modern driving information, it also means to search the best in terms of effectiveness and pricing for you.

Dhoot Driving School North London has already proved their name in refresher training courses. They teach you all the latest techniques and various driving aspects. All the cars they provide for learning are dual controlled manual and automatic vehicles. They also have government registered driving instructor who provide integrated training sessions so that the learner can get proper knowledge and successfully go through the driving test. Apart from English, they also give you instructions in different languages. Just having the theoretical knowledge is not enough to learn the driving. It is more important to practice the driving with your instructor. They also provide you driver CPC modules and CPC case studies to enhance your driving skill and knowledge properly. After completing the training all the new drivers have to go through a driving test to acquire their driving license. There are two types driving test: one is CPC theory test and another is practical test. . At Dhoot Driving School, they prepare their trainees to pass this test smoothly. The best thing of Dhoot Driving School North London is that they give a chance to appear on this driving test if you fail at first time by PCV Pass Protection service and also in some cases they refund you some amount of the training fee.

Following are the list of driving training available at Dhoot Driving School North London.

LGV/HGV training: This training is meant for those drivers who want drive Large Goods vehicles or Heavy Goods Vehicles. It is also very important that you should be atleast 21 years old to drive these kinds of vehicles. Weight specification is also a vital point. It must be more than 7.5 tonnes. There are different other sub categories in this training such as C, C1, C1 + E-7.5t + trailer, C -up to 32 tonnes, C + E Truck and Trailer etc.

PCV training: PCV or Passenger Carrying Vehicles, previously known Public Service Vehicle includes vehicle of maximum of 16 and minimum of 9 people like minibus, coaches or light weight vehicles that are mainly used for transportation of people for a fee. Those who already have category B driving license may have permission to drive D1 class vehicle purely for private use. If they want to use it for commercial use, then they have to take a new test. PCV license falls under the different driving categories depending on the capacity and the size of the vehicle like D1, D1 + E minibus & trailer, D automatic bus, D manual coach, D + E coach & trailer etc.

Driver CPC training: If you want to make your career in transportation industry in UK, it is mandatory to have driver CPC. It can be defined as a gateway of the professional competence that is necessary to manage vehicles in UK. To enhance the driver’s understanding the CPC programs were implemented couple of years back when undertaking their responsibilities within the minibus, Coach and Lorry industry. In order to get the CPC, you’ll first need to appear on a number of tests where you’ll be trained and examined on various road abilities. When you pass all of the driving tests, it is still necessary to endure CPC periodic training every 5 years each 35 hours to achieve a up-to-date Driver Qualification card. After completing driver CPC training, the driver’s details is enlisted to the countrywide database that will help you to operate around the UK and also the across borders.

Apart from providing driving training, Dhoot Driving School also helps to fill up the driving license form and after filling up they send these documents to the DVLA. So it is our suggestion, if you want more details about their driving training contact with them immediately.

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