Distinguished training programs for HGV/LGV, PCV and Driver CPC training at Dhoot Driving School, North West London, London

“Multitasking” is what the employers want from their employees in the present day scenario. There is much scope for people who are trained in several different areas. The era of specialization has paved the way for the emergence of all-roundedness. This new pattern is becoming prevalent in all industries, including transport.

One should take initiatives to develop one’s skill-set in order to become a competent driver and to get lucrative job offers and promotions. It is always advantageous for a driver to learn how to drive different types of vehicles. For instance, by undergoing HGV training, one can learn to drive commercial trucks. One can also take up PCV training as well as CPC courses to learn how to drive different types of commercial vehicles. A driver is exposed to more career options by acquiring a variety of skills. These people will have an upper hand over those who have limited set of driving skills. Apart from learning driving skills, an individual must also study about road safety, servicing, vehicle maintenance and lot more.

Driver Training at Dhoot Driving School

A leading training provider in the UK, Dhoot Driving School provides excellent assistance to raise dependable and skillful drivers who are capable enough to handle various challenges. It offers the best training programs including LGV training, HGV training, PCV training and driver CPC training to those who are searching for bright career options. Teachings are rendered by trained Approved Driving Instructors (ADI), registered under Driving Standards Agency (DSA). For the convenience of the learners, versatile trainers speaking multiple languages are employed and the training courses are also offered in several languages. Dhoot Driving School helps an aspiring driver to acquire HGV, LGV and PCV license. It also offers complete assistance for filling up of forms including Provisional Entitlement Form (D2) and Medical Form (D4) and for sending these to DVLA.

At North West London, London, Dhoot Driving School provides the best training programs in the following different categories:
  • 1. LGV/HGV Training: In LGV (Large Goods Vehicle)/HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) driver’s training, an individual is trained to drive large vehicles that are generally used to carry heavy loads.
  • 2. PCV Training: Drivers can also undertake training for PCV or Passenger Carrying Vehicle.
  • 3. Driver CPC Training: For PCV and LGV drivers, a Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) is required additionally for professional driving.
  • 4. C1-License Training is provided to a driver so that he/she can attain a license to drive a medium-sized vehicle on public roads.
  • 5. With the C1+e license training, a driver can apply for license that permits him/her to drive a vehicle weighing from 3500 to 7300 kg.
  • 6. C1+e 7.5t and trailer training is taken up by drivers so that they can drive the trail weighing from 4.5 to 12 tons.
  • 7. With C+E Truck and Trailer Training, drivers are allowed to drive Lorries weighing 42 tons of trailers, also enabling them to use either Articulated or Drawbar combinations.
  • 8. With C up to 32 tons training, a driver is allowed to drive a vehicle that weighs 32 tons.
  • 9. D1 minibus training is taken up by drivers so that they are qualified to drive a minibus carrying 16 passengers.
  • 10. D1+E Minibus and Trailers license is provided to drivers who become eligible to drive a minibus along with a trailer.
  • 11. With D automatic bus training, drivers can drive buses which are well equipped with modern amenities. D Manual Coach indicates about vehicles that carry heavy loads.
  • 12. D + e coach and trailer license augments the driving abilities of a driver.

As per the demands of driver CPC legislation, new drivers have to attain CPC certification in addition to their LGV and PCV licenses. CPC case studies aim to analyze an individual’s knowledge regarding driving and traffic rules. Dhoot Driving School offers specialized driver CPC modules that are presented by the DSA. These Modules are categorized as driver CPC Modules 4 and 2; Module 4 deals with practical exam, while Module 2 contains theory exam. The modules that are offered include all-weather driving, night driving, dual carriageways, town driving and out of town driving and rural driving. One can even apply for vehicle insurance policy by adopting these modules. These modules help in improving one’s driving skills and enlighten regarding the current rules and regulations in the driving field. At Dhoot Driving School, an individual can also avail the pass protection services. By availing this service free of cost, an aspiring driver can appear for the test again if he/she fails to clear it in the first attempt.

Dhoot Driving School is the suitable place for all aspiring drivers where one can get trained by qualified instructors, apply for provisional driving license and learn about the recent rules and regulations relevant in the driving field.

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