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If you are looking to become a professional commercial driver of large good vehicles or heavy good vehicles or even passenger carrying vehicles, more than a valid license what you would need is good training. Dhoot Driving School in Old Street, London provides quality training programs that would not only help you to become a qualified professional driver with a valid license but also a safe, skilled and knowledgeable driver. It is not a well appreciated fact that driving is not only about practical training, you need to know a lot of other aspects about driving as well and we ensure that you receive your training in such a way.

The training programs that you can choose from, based on your needs, are LGV (HGV) training, B + E car and trailer training, PCV training and driver CPC training program. Each training program is further categorized and the category that would be most suitable for you would depend on various factors. While some factors are common for all the categories of all the training programs like your age and the condition of the vehicle you drive. The vehicle should not only be legal but should be safe for the roads as well. The other factors that would decide the kind of category that would be suitable for you are dependent on the kind of training program you choose.

The various training programs offered by us are as discussed below along with the subcategories of each different training program and the factors that would influence you choice of a category

LGV (HGV) training – this is the training program you should choose if you want to drive a large good or heavy good vehicle professionally. The subcategory that would be suitable for you would be dependent on the weight of the goods you would be carrying in your vehicle and the kind of vehicle you would be driving. For instance if you are keen on driving an articulated vehicle, you would need a C1 + E license and for driving rigid vehicles, you can choose from C1 + E – 7.5t & trailer, C – up to 32 tons, C1 – license and C + E truck & trailer.

For driving a large good vehicle or a heavy good vehicle professionally you would also need to undergo another training program and that is the CPC driver training. This is the latest requirement as per the 2009 legislation. You would not only need to undergo a 35 hours of training after every 5 years time but you would also need to qualify for CPC driver modules 4 and 2 among the several CPC driver modules. There is a CPC theory test, a practical driving test with the vehicle that you would be driving professionally and a CPC case study to test your understanding of the real on road situations.

For your information we train you only with the vehicle that you would be driving in future. That is to say that if you choose a large good carrying vehicle, we would train you with one. It is also taken care of at Dhoot Driving School that all the training vehicles are not only fitted with dual control systems and but also maintained in excellent conditions.

PCV training – this training program is designed for driving passenger carrying vehicles and the categories within this driving training program are D1 + E minibus & trailer, D automatic bus, D manual coach, D + E coach & trailer and D1 minibus. The factors that would contribute to which category would be most suited for you are the number of passengers you would be carrying in your public vehicle and the kind of vehicle you would be driving. If you choose to drive an automatic passenger carrying vehicle, you can choose among all the above mentioned categories except D1 minibus and D automatic bus since these two categories are meant for driving manual passenger carrying vehicles.

B + E car and trailer training – for driving towing vehicles, this is the training you should opt for. The categories within this training program are limited to only two. Depending on whether the weight you would tow with your vehicle is within the maximum authorized mass, also called MAM or over it, you have to choose between a B license and a B + E license respectively.

The kind of training we provide is enough to ensure that you pass your driving test at once but even then if you cannot pass your driving test at the very first attempt, we have PCV pass protection and pass protection for you. This is the service that ensures that you can appear for a retest if you fail at the first attempt of your driving test.

There are more such services at offer and to know about them please visit us at Dhoot Driving School in Old Street, London.

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