Obtain driving training in LGV/HGV training, PCV training and driver CPC training from Dhoot Driving School in Paddington London

When you become a professional driver, driving vehicles for your living, you are responsible for the lives of many people, who are dependent upon you. While driving a vehicle professionally, there are some rules and regulations which you have to implement and follow. Today, there are many training programs and the training institutes, which assist in learning to drive any vehicle in professional yet skilful and responsible manner. If you are searching for such a driving school, consider the Dhoot Driving School at Paddington London.

At our driving school at Paddington London, we provide several courses which help you to become a skill driver in a short period of time. At our Dhoot Driving School Paddington London, we always strive to give the best training to our students. We offer several professional driving courses to our students like LGV/ HGV training, PCV Training and driver CPC training amongst the others driving courses. Here, we will discuss the details of the driving training courses:

1. LGV/ HGV training – These driving courses category includes the training for heavy goods vehicles and larger sized vehicles. The driving courses are for rigid vehicles only and are divided according to the specifics of the weight of the vehicles. In this section, the student can choose to train for different licenses such as are C1 – license, C + E truck and trailer, C1 + E license, C up to 32 tons and C1 + E – 7.5t + trailer.

2. PCV training: PCV training is used for the travellers carrying vehicles such as the vans and buses. In addition to that, the driving training is meant for the articulated and manual operated vehicles. The division also depends upon the number of travellers on the board of the vehicles. In this section, the students train for D1, D automatic bus, D1 + E minibus & trailer, D manual coach and D + E coach & trailer.

3. B+E car and trailer training: If you would like to make your living and career driving vehicles who tow other vehicles, you have to take Dhoot Driving School for this license at our driving school at Paddington London. There is a special format, MAM or Maximum authorized mass for the towing vehicles. If the weight of the vehicle, which you would like to drive, is more than the maximum limit, you have take B+E car and trailer training for B+E license. If the weight of the vehicle is within the limit, you will require the B license.

4. Driver CPC training: Driver CPC training can be defined as the certificate of professional competence. It is a must certification course for the professional drivers who have LGV and HGV training certifications. We offer our student the valuable assistance in passing the CPC theory test with the driver CPC modules and CPC case studies. There are some driver modules such as driver CPC modules 4 and 2, which offer lot of help in passing the certification.

In addition to these courses, we also offer our students refresher driving courses at Dhoot Driving School Paddington London.

If you join our Dhoot Driving School at Paddington London, you will have many advantages as we offer Pass Protection and PCV pass protection for our students. If you fail in the first attempt for the license at the driving test, you can sit for the driving test again. In addition to that, if you are not comfortable with English Language, we have several multi lingual driving trainers in our staff, who will train you in various languages such as Kashmiri, Hindi, Punjabi and many other languages. We also provide the class room coaching, training and theory books in various other languages than English. The trainers which are associated with us are approved by DSA.

The courses of the Dhoot Driving School, Paddington London have a balance between the practical lessons as well as the theory classes. Since, the good driving is as important as the adherence to the traffic rules and regulations, we also cover that part in our theory lessons. You should also note that the vehicles which are used for training student at our Dhoot Driving School, Paddington London have latest features and state-of-art technology. For example, they are equipped with twin access controls, which help your trainer to control the vehicle with the student during the time of driving lessons. So, the trainer can control the vehicle during any problem on the road.

As you have to apply and procure the valid driving license before you start working on professional basis, we also help you to fill up some forms and attach the required documentation. In addition to that, we also help you to send and submit the completed documentations to DVLA at our Dhoot Driving School at Paddington London.

We also provide you many other services. In addition to that, if you are not happy with our training program and would like to change category mid-way, you can also enquire about the money refund. For more details, visit us at Dhoot Driving School, Paddington London.

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