Dhoot Driving School in Seven Sisters, London, LGV (HGV) Training, PCV Training, Driver CPC Training

With the advancement in the technology we have several types of transport facilities being available whether it be road transport or air transport or water transport. Road transport being the most frequently used medium.

But it will not be of any use if we don’t know how to utilize it properly. And for such utilisation we humans need a good training. So at Seven Sisters, London we aspire to provide with all sorts of trainings for the various types of vehicles so you can be safe and at the same time enjoy the experience of driving.

Training at Dhoot is special because of the world class trainers that we provide and that too at a very affordable price.

Reasons to Join Dhoot Driving School

    • PVC Pass Protection: We believe in total customer satisfaction policy, as we give a total money back guarantee till you qualify your driving tests.

    • We have got world class trainers available for or clients who are themselves being trained by specialized professionals.

    • No language Bar: At Dhoot Driving School client is the one to choose whichever language he/she wants such as English, French and also in local Seven Sisters languages.

    • Cost effective and easy enrollment

Category of Training Courses available at our Seven Sisters branch

Large Goods Vehicle (LGV) or Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) Training: This is for the big vehicles like trucks, Lorries etc. as they are a bit difficult to tame and thus one needs proper training before being to drive them. Here the main motive is to teach about balancing the heavy vehicles.

Passenger Carrying Vehicle (PCV): Other vehicles such as buses, vans etc. used for carrying passengers also need special training which is somewhat different from LGV (or HGV).

Categories of Driving Licenses

Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC): It is intended for the drivers of buses, trucks, Lorries, vans etc. Range of licenses available for different vehicles among:

    • B + E car and trailer Training: This is needed when one wants to carry weights from 1 to 7.5 tonnes

    • C1-License Training: This is being needed for those who drive medium sized transportation.

    Minimum age requirement: 21 years

    • C1 + E License Training: This is required for driving trucks and Lorries but only for private use.

    • C1 + E – 7.5t and trailer Training: This is specialized for those who want to drive vehicles having weight up to 7.5 tonnes.

    • C – up to 32 tonnes Training: This is required for those who want to drive lorries carrying up huge amounts of about 32 tonnes

    • C + E Truck & Trailer Training: This is required for professional drivers who drive vehicles having massive weight up to 42 tonnes and also allows them to use Articulated or Drawbar combinations. But this requires quite serious training.

D Category

    • D1 Minibus Training: Required for those who want to drive the minibus.

    • D1+E Minibus & Trailer Training: Required for those who want to drive the trailer with 21 passengers but having weight less than 750 kg.

    • D Automatic Bus Training: Required for those drivers who want to drive the buses equipped with facilities of wheel chair or various other internal advanced facilities.

    • D Manual coach Training: Required for those who want to the drive the vehicles like single or double-decker buses.

    • D+E Coach and Trailer Training: There are several categories under this and you are required to choose among them according to your requirements.

CPC Driver Training: This particular training is mandatory for all the drivers. So all the drivers are required to undergo this very training.
Driver CPC Training was introduced by the European Unions in order to improve driving of people so that safety can be increased and road accidents and rage can be decreased.
There are 4 driver CPC modules:
Driver CPC Module 4 and 2 are essential for drivers who wants to have license.
Module 4: consists of practical exam of the driving on the other hand
Module 2 consists of theoretical aspects of driving. It also consists of CPC case study for testing seekers who want have their driving license.

It is periodic with time interval being 5 years for keeping your driving license with you. CPC Theory Test or Certificate of Professional Competence: It comprises of a MCQ written theoretical test with 50 questions based upon various learning experiences required for road safety such as driver alertness, accidents, maintenance of the vehicle and its documents etc. held to test the driving skills of new drivers and to check their practical knowledge regarding driving as well.

Dhoot Driving School Refresher Training Course: In order to sustain the license driver needs to pass test in period of 5 years and this course is for such drivers.

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