Dhoot Driving School in Southgate, London, LGV (HGV) Training, PCV Training, Driver CPC Training

Driving your own car in Southgate, London is far more convenient, efficient and less time taking transportation method. Cars are not luxury items but a very important part of our daily life and for that we need to have most important skill the cars need is that of driving. It is just not simply driving to your office but also a very important skill that can come in handy during the emergency conditions where there is no one to drive for you then you have to drive yourself in that conditions you need to have this skill. You might think I can’t learn driving because I am not comfortable in English well don’t we worry we have excellent DSA approved trainers that can speak many languages like German, Japanese, French, Urdu etc. We ensure that you’re learning remains an enjoyable and a hassle free experience. We have student friendly trainers who are patient with their students. If you think you are slow learner Dhoot Driving School in Southgate, London is a place for you or if you are thinking that do we just offer normal car driving training then now provide training of

  • • Large Goods Vehicle (LGV) Training or Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) just like trucks, Lorries, cranes etc.
  • • Passenger Carrying Vehicle (PCV) like buses, taxies, vans etc.

You must be thinking then why can’t I learn on my own or with a friend or a family member. Two reasons for you are:
  • 1. Insurance companies have reduced their fees for the drivers trained from driving schools
  • 2. Lots of people get lots of ticket everyday but trained drivers get lesser number of tickets based on statistics

Benefits of joining Dhoot Driving School Southgate, London are:
  • 1. We have very reasonable fees.
  • 2. We are very near you.
  • 3. PVC Pass Protection: All drivers need Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) and we ensure that you get it right at the first attempt in case you fail we make you sit for re-shot or we return your fees back
  • 4. We try our best to make driving lessons more of enjoyable and hassle
  • 5. We prepare you for the emergencies as well
  • 6. We have multilingual trainers
  • 7. If you are looking for periodic compulsory training for all drivers to keep their Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) as per European Union rules and regulations we have exact thing for you our special course called Refresher Training Course.

Some information you must know about Driver CPC Training:
  • 1. B + E car and trailer training: Vehicles falling under B category with trailer having with gross weight more than 3,500 kilogram.
  • 2. C1 License : C category is for medium sized vehicles with weight starting from 3,500 kilogram to the maximum 7,500 kg (you can attach the trailer having maximum of 750 kilogram)
  • 3. C1 + E License: With C1 vehicles trailer you can attach the maximum weight of 750 kilogram total maximum is 12000 kilogram
  • 4. C1 + E – 7.5t and trailer: Here we need C1 7.5 tons license and trailer maximum weight limit is 750 kg
  • 5. C – Up to 32 tones: For heavier weights, maximum is 32 tons. (HGV)
  • 6. C + E Truck & Trailer (LGV)
  • 7. D1Minibus:One of three options 16 passengers / 8 metered long vehicles /trailer weighing less than 750 kilogram
  • 8. D1+E Minibus & Trailer : For D1 vehicles you can attach the trailers weight above 750 kilogram although overall weight should be lesser than 12000 kilogram
  • 9. D Automatic Bus: Gives license to carry more 8 passengers and weight of 750 kg.
  • 10. D Manual Coach: Less automatic, rest is same
  • 11. D+E Coach and Trailer: Allow to attach trailers with weight above 750 kg with D vehicles

More categories are from F to N

CPC driver training is compulsory for all the trainees. Exam information is below:

Driver CPC training test have 4 driver CPC Module_Numbers
  • 1. Module_Number 1: CPC theory test in two smaller modules
    1(a): MCQ’s
    1(b): Test of Hazard Perception
    Exam fees: £35 – 1(a) & £15 – 1(b) only
  • 2. Module_Number 2 : CPC theory test divided into 7 CPC case study Exam fees: £30 only
  • 3. Module_Number 3: Driver Ability Test Exam fees: On Weekdays- £115, On Weekends- £141 only
  • 4. Module_Number 4: Exam to check how driver will maintains vehicle safety. Duration is 30 minutes

Exam: On Weekdays- £55 , On Weekends- £63 only

  • • 1nd Module_Number must be completed before 3rd Module_Number
  • • 2nd Module_Number must be completed before 4th Module_Number (driver CPC Module_Number 4 and 2)

1st Module_Number and 2nd Module_Number can be taken in any order similarly 4th Module_Number and 3rd Module_Number

Since EU council have made it mandatory for all to have periodic training for total duration of 35 hours after every 5 years to keep his/her Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) for those we provide special course called Refresher Training Course.

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