Dhoot Driving School in St Albans, London LGV(HGV) training, PCV training and driver CPC training.

Are you a driver by profession and dreaming of holding an approved driver CPC training certificate? You must be first aware of the fact that only approved training centres can provide CPC driver training. Dhoot Driving School in St Albans, London is an approved LGV(HGV) training, PCV training and driver CPC training centre who have experienced DSA approved professionals to provide training to drivers. DSA is responsible for implementing the drivers CPC certificate. Drivers who are facing language problems, doesn’t have to hesitate because Dhoot Driving School in St Albans, London has professionally qualified instructors who can handle different languages. You can learn your lessons in your preferred language. Dhoot Driving School centre in St Albans, London gives enough time for each driver to teach them CPC case study and CPC theory test. Our refresher training courses don’t have more than 20 drivers for each trainer. Drivers before joining us must provide proof of identity check or their driving license with valid passport. The training certificate will provide qualification to drivers to drive professional bus, coach and lorry. The training program is introduced all over Europe in order to maintain high standard of driving. If you have decided to join CPC programs in St Albans, London join with us, Dhoot Driving School centre and our instructors will help you to get license tension free.

Information about driver CPC, PCV  and LGV(HGV) training

If you are a driver by profession and interested in driving professional vehicles, you must hold driver CPC. New drivers must pass the initial qualification test. For this you will be required to attend 35 hours of training course every 5 years. If you are a driver interested in getting bus and coach drivers license you must hold D1 minibus, D1+E minibus & trailer, D automatic bus, D manual coach and D+E coach and trailer relevant vocational license so that they get through initial qualification. You must hold the right to move forwards to attend the training program.

LGV drivers who are holding their license such as C1 license, C1+E license, C1+E 7.5t and trailer, C up to 32 tonnes and C+E truck and trailer are not required to hold initial qualification. The drivers who have qualified with initial qualification will get driver qualification card. The card is the proof that shows you hold driver CPC. The existing drivers will also get the card after completing 35 hours of training program.

The drivers must always carry the card when they are driving professionally. If the drivers are found driving bus, lorry and trailers without holding the card, if they are caught they will be liable to pay penalties. Before the expiry date of your driver CPC qualification, you must join 35 hours of minimum training program.

Exemption from driver CPC

For some drivers the exemption applies from not holding a driver CPC licence while driving huge vehicles. The drivers are not required to hold the license if they don’t drive the vehicle with a speed exceeding 28mph. If the driver use a vehicle controlled by armed force or civil defence, he is not required to carry the license but he must be responsible to maintain the public order. If the driver is driving a rebuilt vehicle he is exempted from getting a license. He exempted from the license if he is carrying material as a part of his work and he is driving the vehicle which doesn’t comes as a part of his activity. The drivers who are teaching lessons for those who wishes to take driver CPC license is also exempted from holding the license. Those drivers who are undergoing road test for repair or as part of maintenance work, holding a license is exempted.

Career as LGV (HGV) driver

If you hold the LGV license you can pursue you career driving commercial vehicles from one place to another. Your main job would be transferring goods from the supplier to the customer. You will become qualified to drive vehicles over 7.5 tonnes including lorry and trucks. There are plenty of vacancies available in St Albans, London to join as LGV driver. Once you hold the license you will be eligible to work anywhere in the country. The drivers must be familiar with the rules and regulation to be followed on the road and they should have good planning skills.

LGV drivers must possess good communication skill and they should behave friendly with customers. They should have good knowledge about in-cab technology. The drivers must be willing to work in flexible working hours. Special training will be required for drivers who are interested driving chemical tankers. If you are ready to work overtime, this may increase your earnings. An experience driver who wants to broaden their knowledge can join for different programs. Dhoot Driving School in St Albans, London offer various programs and courses for Drivers who are interested in pursuing their career as HGV drivers.

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