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Imagine the plight of a person who has bought a brand new vehicle of his dreams, but just because he doesn’t know to drive has to stay back and watch it. Miserable, isn’t it? A good driver training course can solve the issue for him. Learning to drive is not always a herculean task as one might think. It can be pretty easy and conveniently learned if one has the will and the right teachers. We at Dhoot Driving School in Tooting BroadwayLondon, are here to offer you the most comprehensive training course to make you a perfect driver.

We have detailed courses as well as refresher courses designed for the clients depending on their levels of expertise. Learning driving is not just for your own pleasure, it can even let you make a living out of it by taking up driving as a profession or even make a fortune out of it. At Dhoot Driving School in Tooting BroadwayLondon,we help you master the art of driving different passenger vehicles and earn license in it. Our instructors can even help you learn a tip or two on road rules and traffic laws so that you become the perfect driver well versed in job.Refresher training courses too are available with us. To give you an idea on how our driver training course is going to be, take a look below at the different courses offered.

LGV (HGV) training – Large goods vehicle training is also known by the name HGV training and drivers holding the license can drive commercial vehicles over 7.5 tones. The drivers carry goods to the distribution centres and ware houses in all over UK. They work between suppliers and customers.

PCV training – If you want to become a lorry or a bus driver in UK, PCV training courses are available at Dhoot Driving School centres. Learn how to drive a bus and pursue your career as a bus driver. PCV training courses will help drivers to develop skill and knowledge which is required to pass the PCV test for the first time.

Driver CPC training – Any professional drivers who want to drive Lorries or mini buses with 9 seats or more must hold driver CPC license. Especially so, if you want to drive professional bus and coaches, you must hold driver CPC license in additional to vocational driving license. Passing CPC theory test and practical is mandatory to pass driver CPC modules to maintain high level of driving knowledge on the road.  The driver CPC qualification is divided into four parts. Driver CPC module 4 and 2 includes CPC case study and driver CPC practical tests. You must pass CPC driver training module 2 before you take module four.

What makes us different?

Perhaps the best specialty of Dhoot Driving School,   Londonis offering driving lessons in different languages according to the learner’s preference. We have a set of qualified instructors with expertise in different languages exclusively intended for this. They will give you driving lessons in a language you choose and even let you appear tests in the same.  We vow to be different from the hordes of other institutes in this aspect.For hundreds of such people out there who do not want to take driving lessons just because of language barrier, this facility from us is a blessing. Unlike other driver training institutes, we take pride in flaunting a now fleet of cars for our learners so that practicing and perfecting the art of driving need not be in old damaged vehicles. All our vehicles are allowed with dual controls so that you won’t crash the vehicle and can drive freely without worry.

Other important info

We at Dhoot Driving School can also enlighten you with certain other tips on license issuance and pass protection. Holding C1-license permits you to drive vehicles that come in C1 category. The combination of C1 +E-7.5t and trailer should not exceed 12000kgs and the weight of the trailer shouldn’t exceed the weight of towing vehicle. A person driving a vehicle C-up to 32 tonnes with or without trailer must be 21 years of age. The subcategory of D is what we call category D1 Minibusand the license is provided for minibus with seats between 9 and 16. If you are a driver holding D1 license you must pass D1E practical test and theory to drive D1+E minibus and trailers. You must meet high medical standards along with driver CPC requirements to get the license. To get category D Automatic bus license you must be 18 years of age and must also hold category B (car) and provisional cat D license. If you are looking to upgrade from automatic PCV license to category D manual coach, we are there to help you any time. If you are a driver looking to take PCV category D +E coach and trailer license, you must be 18 years and must pass module1, 2, 3 and 4 driver CPC case study exam and theory test.

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