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In east of London Borough of Enfield lies Tottenham part of one of the largest city in the world London. London itself have 270 stations connected with London lube network, more than 6000 sets of traffic lights a huge number of vehicles on road but are you the one who does not how to drive ? Or are you the one you knows how to drive but unable to get license? Or are you the one who wants to become professional driver? Or you are looking to have 5 year periodic training. There is driving school near your house in Tottenham, London where we have the DSA approved trainers who are expert in giving driving lessons for all level of drivers and who are fluent in all the languages like Punjabi, Spanish, Chinese you name it we have it. So what are you waiting for just come to us and we will take care of your driving skills

Insurance companies are making new policies as per which the people who have learned driving from a reputed driving school will be charged less insurance fees compared to others and that is due to fact that people having proper training have fewer number of accidents. Dhoot Driving School in Tottenham, London ensures that you get a trainer with whom you are comfortable with learning driving, they teach you all tricks of handling your vehicle , how to tackle emergencies. Safety is always the priority we teach you how to drive safely and defensively. Our training sessions are fun and totally hassle free.

We have the best trainers in whole Tottenham, London and we provide our services with very reasonable fees. We teach the normal fresher’s who are taking their first step in driving to professionals who drives Large Goods Vehicle (LGV) Training or Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) and also the Passenger Carrying Vehicle (PCV).There are over 7,500 red buses in which over six million passengers travel daily. After EU council made a mandatory rule for periodic training for duration of 35 hours in every 5 years to maintain Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) we provide training services known Refresher Training Course especially for them.

We formally guarantee that once you come to Dhoot Driving School at Tottenham you will pass Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) surely by our PVC Pass Protection. In case you are unable to get your license we will pay your fees back. Sounds too good to be true? It is true you can come and confirm it anytime.

We provide a vast list of training in Driver CPC Training:
  • 1. B + E car and trailer training: B category vehicles trailer attached with gross weight over 3,500 kilogram.
  • 2. C1 License : Medium sized vehicles having the range of weight from 3,500 kilogram to 7,500kilogram comes under this category (attached trailer having maximum of 750 kilogram)
  • 3. C1 + E License: C1 vehicles trailer attached weighing maximum of 750 kilogram but total must be less than 12000 kilogram
  • 4. C1 + E – 7.5t and trailer: Category C1 7.5 tons license is needed for this and trailer can be attached having the weight up top 750 kg
  • 5. C – Up to 32 tones: Increase the maximum weight that can be drive to maximum of 32 tons. HGV are used
  • 6. C + E Truck & Trailer: In case you want to use LGV
  • 7. D1Minibus: Maximum of one of the following 16 passengers or 8 meter length of vehicle or trailer less than 750 kilogram
  • 8. D1+E Minibus & Trailer : Eligible for D1 vehicles with attached trailers weight more than 750 kilogram but the overall weight must be lower than 12000 kilogram
  • 9. D Automatic Bus: You can drive any bus having more than 8 passengers and weight more than 750 kg.
  • 10. D Manual Coach: Only difference from D Automatic Bus is that it is have more manual functions
  • 11. D+E Coach and Trailer: For driving trailers over 750 kilogram along with any D category vehicles

Categories are divided from F – N

CPC driver training is required for all who wants to have license. Exam details are:

Driver CPC training test have 4 driver CPC Parts
  • 1. 1st Part: CPC theory test in two parts
    1(i): MCQ’s
    1(ii): Test of Hazard Perception
    Official fees: £35 – 1(i) & £15 – 1(ii) only
  • 2. 2nd Part : CPC theory test comprised of 7 CPC case study
    Official fees: £30 only
  • 3. 3rd Part: It is a Practical testing Driving Ability
    Official fees: At Weekdays- £115, At Weekends- £141 only
  • 4. 4th Part: This a practical exam for demonstration about how can driver keep his vehicle safe. Test is about 30 minutes

Official fees: At Weekdays- £55 , At Weekends- £63 only

  • • 1 part have to be taken before 3rd part
  • • 2nd part have to be taken before 4th part (driver CPC Part 4 and 2)

1st part and 2nd part can be taken in any order similarly 4th part and 3rd part

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