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Turnpike Lane, part of one of the most famous city London have lots of public transport option but when you sit behind the wheels of car or any vehicle the power of technology that can take you anywhere you want. You are just sitting and making some movements and within no time you are at your destination. As we mentioned London is very famous and driving in the heavy traffic can really take a toll on you. Getting the license is not easy either. One need to have a license and good driving skills to have a safe journey no matter how big or small it is. Dhoot Driving School in Turnpike Lane, London believes that every journey is important and life is very precious. We value your time and needs. There are more than just one advantages to have the driving skills

From now on insurance companies have started charging less amount on their fees if a person have gone through the proper training from good driving schools like Dhoot Driving School in Turnpike Lane, London. Latest statistics show that the people who have took training in driving from good driving schools have recorded less accidents as well as less tickets in comparison to those who didn’t. We at Dhoot Driving School in Turnpike Lane, London makes driving lessons very enjoyable as well as hassle free for the trainees. Life is precious that’s why safety comes first we ensure that trainee drives defensively keeping himself as well as the others safe. We don’t only train you for normal driving but also train what you should do at the time of emergencies

Driving schools can be very costly but our packages are right to fit the person pockets. We offer the best driving lessons than anyone in Turnpike Lane, London. We have a huge staff and there are lots of DSA approved trainers who can communicate in the language you prefer to speak Spanish, French, Hindi, and Chinese etc. we got them all. We teach the beginners as well as the professional purpose heavy vehicles like Large Goods Vehicle (LGV) Training or Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) and other Passenger Carrying Vehicle (PCV).Since it is mandatory to have periodic training at every 5 years for 35 hours to keep you Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) therefore we also provide a very special training titles Refresher Training Course.

We offer a protection scheme to all those who are enrolled at Dhoot Driving School know as PVC Pass Protection. We understand the importance of having the driving license and we got it all covered. In case you fail Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) exam we will let you take re-shot till you your driving license or we will refund your money

List providing various types of licenses in Driver CPC Training:
  • 1. B + E car and trailer training: All B vehicles having a trailer with total weight over 3,500kilogram.
  • 2. C1 License : This is for medium sized vehicles with weight within range of 3,500 kilogram and 7,500kilogram (with trailer of maximum 750kilogram)
  • 3. C1 + E License: This give permission for C1 vehicle having trailer weighing up to 750 kilogram although gross total must not exceed over 12000kilogram
  • 4. C1 + E – 7.5t and trailer: The people who already have Category C1 7.5 tons license and wish to have 7.5 tons vehicle combined with trailer weight of up to 750 kilogram .
  • 5. C – Up to 32 tones: This license giver permission for vehicles having net total weight of up to 32 tons. For HGV
  • 6. C + E Truck & Trailer: For LGV
  • 7. D1Minibus:Limitation applied is up to 16 passengers, 8 meter length of vehicle or trailer up to 750 kilogram
  • 8. D1+E Minibus & Trailer : For driving any D1 vehicle having trailer weight over 750 kilogram but the net weight cannot exceed more than 12000 kilogram
  • 9. D Automatic Bus : For driving any bus with more than 8 people and trailers over 750 kilogram
  • 10. D Manual Coach: Similar to D Automatic Bus but it has more manual control
  • 11. D+E Coach and Trailer: For driving trailers over 750 kilogram along with any D category vehicles

Other categories are from F-N

CPC driver training is for everyone so they can pass this exam. Minor details are:

Driver CPC training test have 4 driver CPC modules
  • 1. 1st Module: CPC theory test
    1(i): Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQ’s)
    1(ii): Hazard Perception
    Fee for test: £35 for 1(i) and £15 for 1(ii).
  • 2. 2nd Module : CPC theory test with 7 CPC case study Fee for test: £30
  • 3. 3rd Module: It is a Practical testing Driving Ability Fees: Weekdays- £115, Weekends- £141
  • 4. 4th Module: Another Practical test for demonstration of vehicle safety by their drivers (like in extreme cold conditions). Test duration is 30 minutes

Fees: Weekdays- £55 , Weekends- £63

You must:
  • • Module 1 must be taken before module 3
  • • Module 2 must be taken before module 4 (driver CPC module 4 and 2)

Module 1 and Module 2 can be taken in any order similarly Module 4 and Module 3

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