Dhoot Driving School Wantage London, for LGV (HGV) Training, PCV Training and Driver CPC Training

Do you want to drive your own car? We can help you to face the world of driving with confidence. The Dhoot Driving School Wantage London provides the best guidance and support for the tests one needs to take before acquiring a driving license. It doesn’t matter what your age or experience, you can be sure of top quality, best tuition when you take a course of driving lessons withDhoot Driving School Wantage London. The professional, experienced,polite and patient instructors at Dhoot Driving School Wantage London are the best in this field. We provide the best quality, structured driving lessons within London. . If someone’s nervous about any language barrier then we can certainly help you on that, We offer the training courses in several language like English, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi, Kashmiri and many more. We also provide classroom studies and theory books for the tests in various languages.

For vehicular driving a dedicated agency is responsible for issuing the driving license. Dhoot Driving School Wantage London employs well trained ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) registered under DSA (Driving Standards Agency) to teach you how to drive. We prepare people not only for the driving test, but also to drive safely after the test. The vehicles here at GP are well kept and maintained to keep your worries away. Since the vehicles are dual controlled it assures that your car will not get crashed as ourinstructor also have controls to eliminate the possibility of any unfortunate incident.

Dhoot Driving School Wantage London provides training in the following categories.

1) LGV/HGV Training: LGV (Large Goods Vehicle)/HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) is training for driving large vehicles which usually carries heavy load. You have options like (C, C1,C+E and C1+E) according to the requirements. The weight specifications are different in every category. All drivers who passed their car license before 1 January 1997 retain their existing entitlement to drive trucks until their license expires. Individuals who passed after this date are required to pass an additional driving test in order to gain entitlement to category C.Class C is also known as Rigid. whenyou are fully trained and a qualified LGV (HGV) driver you would be able to drive rigid lorries over 7.5tonnes in weight. A much higher level of skill is required to drive a larger vehicle and our instructors will help you in that.

2) PCV Training: PCV (Passenger Carrying Vehicle) training can be further categorized as (D, D1, D+E, and D1+E) with little variations such as category D automatic bus, D1-Minibus for manually operating vehicles etc. This categorization is based on number of passengers any vehicle is carrying.All drivers who passed their car licence before 1 January 1997 retain their existing entitlement to drive buses until their licence expires. Individuals who passed after this date are required to pass an additional driving test in order to gain entitlement to category D ,Mini bus training, D1 Minibus, D1+E Minibus + trailer, D Automatic bus, D Manual coach, D+E Coach + trailer.

3) Driver CPC Training: For LGV and PCV drivers an additional CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) is essential for professional driving.

The new requirement for the professional drivers is the CPC certification. In addition to LGV and PCV licenses, Driver CPC legislation demands CPC from new drivers. Driver CPC requires all category C and D licence holders (including C1 and D1) to take part in 35 hours training every 5 years in order to maintain their CPC. This gives rise to initial qualification process that new drivers must complete before they can start driving professionally. You have to undergo a set of tests to get CPC . CPC theory tests are divided into 2 parts. First part deals with theory tests and second part is for practical tests. Theory part is again classified into two: first part you have to attempt multiple options questions and second part assesses your hazard perception by seeing some video clips related to road traffic and safety while driving and by responding to it. CPC case studies are designed to understand the individual’s knowledge about traffic rules and driving. In practical test you have to drive the vehicle in real to show all the codes required for safe driving. Inorder to get approval eyesight is checked. By registering with Dhoot Driving School Wantage London you can leave your tensions regarding the paper work. We provide you complete assistance while filling Provisional Entitlement Form (D2), Medical Form (D4) and send them to DVLA. You can visit our website to go through driving assessment questionnaire to help you understand your driving potential.

DSA has introduced driver CPC models for new entrants in driving field. Modules offered are all-weather driving, night driving, rural driving, town driving and out of town driving. By enrolling into these modules you will attain confidence in your driving capabilities and you can get yourself aware about latest rules and laws in driving circle. Pass protection services are also available at GP. By applying for pass protection you are allowed to re-sit in tests for free if you fail in your attempt to clear the exam. Refund option is also there for you if you do not get approval for the category that you have mentioned.

Dhoot Driving School Wantage London is one single place from where you can get everything. Starting from applying for the provisional driving license, finding a qualified instructor to train you as a smart driver, giving you driving lessons till the passing of your driving test, they will be with you. For more information and assistance on the laws applicable to learner driver, you may contact Dhoot Driving School Wantage London.

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