Go For Any Ride After You Have Undergone PCV Training From Dhoot Driving School Center At Wembley Park, London!

A famous man once said: “There are three skills which are absolutely necessary for surviving in this world. They are: Swimming, Driving and Writing”

These words have been spoken justly. If you don’t know how to drive or swim or write you might just be a rock in this age. If you have even one or two of these skills they may help you survive in the cut-throat world outside.

Writing is a skill which can only be honed through teaching. Swimming requires coaching and so does driving. These are not the skills people are born with.

With the advancement in technology everywhere including cars, the process of updating driving rules and guidelines became necessary. With the regular monitoring and updates in place, driving was no longer a game. It became a profession. In today’s world, with transportation playing a major role in everything from trade to the leisure it is obvious that an industry be created for transportation. The skill required most of this industry is driving. You can either drive a heavy duty vehicle which can carry very heavy payloads like wooden logs or cars or light weight loads like grains or fresh produce. The other type of driving for a living includes Passenger carrying vehicles.

As any other legal business today, driving needs a license. To obtain a license one must pass a combination of written as well as practical exams. They also need to learn how to drive properly. They should be able to respond to different situations occurring while driving for any commercial purpose. As all this is not knowledge easily obtained, it is advisable to join a driving school for learning it all.

One of the best places for such training is Dhoot Driving School. Dhoot Driving School has a huge staff roster with employees who can teach you to drive any kind of vehicle. It also possesses a fleet of well-maintained vehicles just for the sake of teaching you how to drive them. Each vehicle comes equipped with safety measures like safety air-bags and dual motor systems.

A lot of problems while driving is created because of the nervousness of a beginner. The staff at Dhoot Driving School has vast experience and can easily handle the nervous nerves of a first-timer. For some people, the root problem for driving is the language barrier. They are not comfortable with the English language while learning how to drive. Luckily for such people in Dhoot Driving School a lot of people on the staff are multilingual. They can speak languages like Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati, Punjabi and many more with ease. Thus, they can offer to teach the courses in these languages too.

At Dhoot Driving School, customer satisfaction is very important. Thus the entire training staff is an ADI (Approved Driving Instructor). All the instructors on the staff are approved by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) and have a richer driving experience. Thus, the people who want to apply for a license should definitely meet the people at Dhoot Driving School.

If you wish to work in the commercial transport sector you could take up a course which offers training for driving of LGV or HGV or you could take up PCV training.

LGV and HGV stand for a Light Goods vehicle and Heavy Goods vehicle respectively. PCV stands for passenger carrying vehicle.

It is up to you to decide what you want to do. The steps for obtaining a license in Wembley Park, London are as follows:

There are four levels for getting a Driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence). This is the license which a driver for transport vehicles must have with him/her if he/she wants to work in the transport industry.

The four levels are only necessary for people wanting to drive for a living. For people wanting a license for general purposes, only two levels are necessary.

The four levels are:
  • Level 1: theory examination
  • Level 2: case studies
  • Level 3: practical driving test
  • Level 4: CPC test (safety demonstration)

Dhoot Driving School has courses which give CPC driver training at any and all of the levels.

Along with these levels, each applicant must have completed 35 hours for every five years of training.

If you go to work in the passenger driving section of the transport industry, you may encounter vehicles like minibus, bus, trailer with bus and other such vehicles. The D-class vehicles of the European classification of vehicles contain these vehicles.

Dhoot Driving School has all these vehicles in its fleet. It provides specific training for all of them. If you want to drive a certain type of vehicle, you must know the classification for it so you know which vehicle to ask for while training.

Usually the D1 Minibus, the D Automatic Bus and the D Manual Coach are the most sought after vehicles for training.

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