Distinguished training programs for HGV/LGV, PCV and Driver CPC training at Dhoot Driving School, Wood Green, London

Of late, “multitasking” is the buzzword used by human resource managers. Every employer wants to employ people who are capable of performing several tasks besides their core responsibilities. Employers prefer to appoint people who are trained in many different areas. All-roundedness has engulfed the era of specialization. This novel prototype is becoming prevalent in all industries, including transport. Thus, it is true to say that in the near future, employees with multiple skills will have an upper hand over those possessing narrow specialties.

To become a competent driver and to get lucrative job offers and promotions, one should take initiatives to develop one’s set of skills. It is always advantageous for the one who learns to drive different types of vehicles. For instance, one can learn to drive commercial trucks by undergoing HGV training. In order to get comfortable with different types of commercial vehicles, one can undertake PCV training as well as CPC courses. By acquiring variety of skills, a driver is exposed to more options. Having learnt to drive different types of vehicles, one can work in places such as trucking companies and passenger transport firms. Besides HGV training which provides driving skills, one should also equip oneself with knowledge regarding road safety, vehicle maintenance, servicing and lot more.

Driver Training at Dhoot Driving School

Dhoot Driving School, a leading expert in the UK, offers the best driver training and aims to raise a skillful and dependable driver capable of handling various challenges. It offers LGV training, HGV training, PCV training and driver CPC training to drivers looking out for bright career options. Dhoot Driving School assists a potential driver in the transport industry to acquire HGV, LGV and PCV license. Trained Approved Driving Instructors (ADI), registered under Driving Standards Agency (DSA) are employed to provide the best training. These trainers can speak multiple languages and the training courses are also offered in different languages for the convenience of the client.

At Wood Green, London, Dhoot Driving School provides the best training programs in different categories.

LGV/HGV Training: In LGV (Large Goods Vehicle)/HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) driver’s training, one is trained to drive large vehicles that are generally used to carry heavy loads.

PCV Training: Drivers can also take up training for PCV or Passenger Carrying Vehicle.

Driver CPC Training: For PCV and LGV drivers, an additional Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) is required for professional driving.

C1-License Training is provided so that a driver can acquire a license to drive a medium-sized vehicle on public roads. With the C1+e license training, a driver can acquire license that permits he/she to drive a vehicle weighing between 3500 and 7300 kg. C1+e 7.5t and trailer training is provided to learners so that they can drive the trail weighing between 4.5 and 12 tons. With C+E Truck and Trailer Training, drivers are able to drive Lorries that weigh 42 tons of trailers allowing the drivers to use either Articulated or Drawbar combinations. With C up to 32 tons training, a driver can drive the vehicle that weighs 32 tons. D1 minibus training is provided to drivers so that they are eligible to drive a minibus carrying 16 passengers. D1+E Minibus and Trailers license is provided to those who are eligible to drive a minibus along with a trailer. With D automatic bus training, drivers can drive buses with modern amenities. D Manual Coach mentions about vehicles that carry heavy loads. D + e coach and trailer license increases the driving capabilities of a driver.

In addition to LGV and PCV licenses, new drivers need to acquire CPC certification as per the demands of driver CPC legislation. CPC case studies are intended to assess an individual’s knowledge about driving and traffic rules. For new entries in the driving field, Dhoot Driving School offers specialized driver CPC modules presented by the DSA. There are Driver CPC Modules 4 and 2, of which, Module 4 contains practical exam and Module 2 encompasses theory exam. The modules offered include night driving, all-weather driving, dual carriageways, rural driving, town driving and out of town driving. By enrolling in these modules, one can be immensely confident of one’s driving skills and can enlighten oneself about the latest rules and regulations in the driving field. By adopting these modules, one can also apply for vehicle insurance policy. An individual can even avail the pass protection services at Dhoot Driving School. If an individual fails to clear the exam in the first attempt, he/she is allowed to appear for the test again by availing this service, free of cost.

Dhoot Driving School is the appropriate place for all aspiring drivers where one can apply for provisional driving license, get trained by qualified instructors and learn about the rules and regulations applicable in the driving field.

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