Tachograph and WTD

Working Time Directive & Tachographs

The European-based legislation called WTD came into force more than a decade ago. We provide you knowledge regarding the rules and regulations at our Park Royal Center or can offer you trainings in your company premises.

Generally analogue tachygraphy equipment is fitted against goods weighing more than permissible weight of 3.5 tons.

Though analogue tachographs are in use for over twenty years, it is always convenient and easy to use digital tachograph as they are more secured and user friendly giving your more control on the drivers hours and recording duty periods digitally.

Take WTD & Tachograph Training as part of your Dhoot Driver CPC Periodic Training. Dhoot Training institute are giving us the opportunity to learn and get our training in different languages other than English for our convenient understanding since all the expertise trainers and instructors are multilingual with DSA approved certifications.

If you want to apply for digital tachographic card , you can visit our school and ask for the form or click below to request from DVLA.

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