35 Hours Driver CPC

35 hours Driver CPC Periodic Training

Our Dhoot Driving School of Transport provides Master Driving Training Program. The most important advantage of our training school is that all our instructors are DSA registered and multilingual. We offer training in several languages apart from English.

Our various training program includes:

  • LGV (Large Good Vehicles) license acquisition driving training
  • Lorry Loader Crane training (HIAB)
  • ADR- Transportation of hazardous or dangerous goods
  • Junction Lift Trucks and Lorries
  • Truck mounted fork lift
  • Manager certificate of professional ability

We also provide other periodic training sessions which include:

  • Tachographs and Working Time Directive (WTD)
  • Economic and safe driving
  • Secure transport operation
  • Health and safety measures in transport operation
  • Safe loading and unloading operation
  • Material handling safely and properly
  • Hydraulic Truck/Lorry Loader

Besides providing driving training we also arrange various driving related seminars once in a week or 1-2 days in a month or year. Each training period lasts for 7 hours. The training program takes place on Monday and Saturday and our intensive course run every month at our Park Royale office. We offer the flexibility of time and place as per the need of the trainee.

If you already have LGV/PCV (C, C1, CE, C1E, D, DE, D1 and D1E) license, then you don’t need initial Driver CPC license. If you are only the LGV or PCV license holder, then you need initial Driver CPC license. There is a law of Driver CPC- you have to complete a 35 hours driving training program, for PCV license you to complete it before September 2013 and for LGV license you have to finish it before September, 2014. Driver without qualification card may face ?1000 fine. Driver Qualification Card will be valid until September, 2018 for PCV license holder and September, 2019 for LGV license holder. So it does not matter when you complete your 35 hours training programs. If you want to renew the license for another 5 years, you have to appear on the test again.

Our training program cost is very low. For more information you may contact us.

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