Fuel Delivery Tankers

Some people want to choose their job in driving field and fuel delivery tanker driver is one of them. So if someone wants to obtain this driving qualification, they have to go through our 5 days initial course which includes core, tankers, packages and other common classes.

After completing the course you may get job in a multinational oil supplier company or any super-market chain or you may be smaller independent supplier. There are also other liquid transportation companies who supplies milk, chemicals, liquid gases etc. on the road. So options are many, just you have to choose as per your need or desire.

You may also choose our practical tanker driver awareness program. This is very important for the tanker drivers. In his awareness program you can experience the real life situations on the road. This training is specially designed to highlight slide and roll-over risks which are conducted with specially modified articulated vehicles with tanker trailer fitted with stabilizers. In this way driver can understand how to avoid hazards on the road.

This training is for 35 hours with Driver CPC periodic training. We also provide loan facility at very low cost. For more details contact us to our office.

The best thing of our training center is that we offer driving training in various languages apart from English and our experts are all DSA registered.

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