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B+E Car Van and Trailer Training

Are you in need of any help to drive a trailer? Don’t worry, just join our Dhoot Driving School driver training school and appear for your DSA driving test to get B+E entitlement. This facility will enable you to drive up to 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight (GVW) with trailer that is over 750kgs GVW trailer.

You can get B+E training for any supplement trailer you wants to tow such as:-

4 x 4 off roaders and quad bikes Trailers, Multiple Canoes and Kayaks Trailers, Large Camping Trailers, Jet skis, Caravans, Horseboxes, Vintage and elite cars, Large Sailing boats etc.

If you are a company driver then you can get B+E for towing supplements such as:-

Recovery trailers, Utility Storage Containers, Luggage Trailers, Catering Trailers, Speciality trailers, Mobile showrooms and presentation units, Construction – excavating and mini-diggers, Car and vehicle transporters etc.


Dhoot Driving School driver training centre delivers training for RDT – Rapid Deployment Trailers often used by breakdown and recovery service suppliers like the RAC.

Training Options that we provide at our centres:-

At the demand of our candidates we provide trailer awareness and familiarisation training for those who have B+E entitlement but are simply looking to gain more knowledge and confidence in towing, reversing and use of towing hitches. We provide trainings in different languages through DSA approved multilingual trainers.


You should take an Assessment Lesson so that one of our Instructors can give you guidance to the duration of training needed. For B+E licence acquisition, we recommend arranging one or a few single days of training or an intensive course of training leading into test day.

Contact us to get more details about our course contents and systems. We have a full range of training options suitable not only for people who have lots of trailer experience and simply need to acquire test standard to pass the test through, but also to people who will be handling a trailer for the first time.

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