C1+E 7.5t and Trailer

LGV C1+E Training

To tow a trailer with your truck or van, you must pass the C1+E or the B+E test.

The vans or the trucks that are more than 3.5kg are considered as C1 vehicles. Thus to drive such vehicles, you need the C1+E entitlement.

The Arboreal Specialists, the civil engineers who tow the mini excavators or the diggers, the tree surgeons who tow the mulchers and the chippers, the recovery vehicle drivers and also the recreational vehicles that tow the leisure cars, motor bikes, crafts or the boats behind their RV’s all need the C1+E entitlement.

We also provide training for the Rapid Deployment Trailer or the RDT that are often used for the services like breakdown and recovery supplies like the RAC.

The C1+E training offered by us are on the 5.5 tonne van with a box trailer. On passing the C1+E, you also become enable to drive the 7.5 tonne vehicle with a trailer of 4.5 tonne providing a maximum train weight or MAM of 12 tonnes.

If you have passed the car test on or before January 1997, you might have the C1 entitlement but for taking the C1+E training and also the test, you must also obtain the provisional C1+E entitlement. You must also additionally pass the LGV theory tests before the aforementioned training and driving test.

Also remember that if you drive the C1 and C1+E vehicles, you would also require the driver CPC. Since Dhoot Driving School is an accredited training provider, your practical driver training can also be counted along with your driver CPC periodic training hours when you upgrade from the C1 to C1+E license.

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