CPC Passenger Operator/ Manager
International and national

The syllabus of the National Passenger is classified into three modules, 1, 3 and 5 and the international module of 7. There are several learning choices available at the Dhoot School of Transport.

Pack on Home study with telephone hotline support

The study pack includes a manual for the customers for referring to during the initial period of learning and also beyond. It includes the sample questions on exams and also the email and telephone support.

We also have an optional half hour initial study introduction on a personal level along with a session to concentrate on the questions of the exam.

The intensive course for 6 days

When the customers arrange for the intensive course, they also receive the comprehensive manual for referring to it during the initial days of the learning period and beyond. This manual also includes the sample questions on exam and the email and telephone support. Our customers who participate in the intensive course attend from Monday to Friday for a week just prior to the exam date week. During this course, the instructors of our team who are extremely experienced and knowledgeable deliver ample supporting information and in depth knowledge for assisting you in learning the subjects that are necessary for passing the exam. All our courses are delivered in several different languages and thus language is not a bar if you are interested in any of the training program.

The examinations are held 4 times a year in the months of March, June, September and December and are usually taken on the first Friday of the first full week of the said months.

A complete CPC certificate is also issued when you pass all the units. Alternatively, if you are not successful in all exams, you can get the individual module certificates.

Results are usually declared approximately 8 to 10 weeks after the exam.

Additional revision days (optional)

Whether you are in the Home Study or the Intensive course, to support you, we have the top up revision days. Before the OCR exam on the said Friday, two revision days are allotted on a Monday for Module one and a Wednesday for module 3 and 5. You can either choose one or both the days to attend where we cover all the typical exam questions or also provide mock exams and honest feedback. For the international, the revision days are usually held on the Saturdays and the Sundays of a weekend leading to the exam week.

When you would notify us of your training requirements and needs, please also give us a month’s advance notice before the date of exam.

CPC Examinations

Module 1-?Core Syllabus: Social legislation, Structure of Law, Financial management techniques,Business and company law, commercial Conduct of business, general insurance and vehicle Maintenance.

Type:?30 Multiple choice questions

Time:?45 minutes

Pass Mark:?70%


Module 3 –Passenger NationalGeneral Traffic Regulations, Vehicle Taxation, Marketing, Commercial Conduct of Business, Methods of Operating, Operator Licensing, Weights and Dimensions of Vehicles, Vehicle Selection, Safety of Loads, Mechanical Condition, Drivers’ Hours and Records, Vocational Driving Licences, Speed Limits, Traffic Accident Procedure and Vehicle and Goods Insurance

Type:?40 Multiple choice questions

Time:?60 minutes

Pass Mark:?70%


Module 5 –Passenger Case Study examination Based on Modules 1 and 3

Type:?4Case Study Paper with written answers


Pass Mark:?65%


Module 7 –?Passenger International Import/Export Procedures,Community Transit System, Customs Documentation,Road Permits & Tariffs, Driver’s Hours of Work & The Tachograph, Vehicle and Goods Insurance, Vehicle Costing, Route Planning, Technical Standards of Operating and Road Traffic Regulations.

Type:?Multiple choice short response


Pass Mark:?60%


For National CPC Modules:1, 3, & 5


For International CPC Modules:?1, 3, 5, & 7

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Here’s what our happy drivers had to say about our services:

I am so happy I chose Dhoot HGV driving school. Their instructions were clear and easy to understand. I passed 1st time only after 3 lessons. Thank you so much, CJ. Dali and Mr Singh. They are the best!
Henrietta Szonyi
Hooray !!!…Pass the LGV driving test…Thank you CJ for good road instruction and smooth training, very happy with everything. Highly recommended for training.
Vaidas Erniulis
Great place to do hgv training had a bad experience with another company came to dhoot and had a days training and time before tests failed first time pass with flying colours second would recommend.
Ben Hawkins
I started my LGV CLASS 1 driving with S.Charanjit Singh. He is a good and classified instructor. Moreover i recommend this driving school as they give you proper training and instructions.
Randhawa Harman

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