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ADR (Training for carrying all kind of dangerous goods)

The companies and ADR Study Material Drivers do understand the need and comply accordingly with the legislation so as to that supports to keep the transportation of dangerous goods in safe and secured mode. The purpose to keep legislation in place is to ensure driver gain expertise skill and knowledge so as to realize the practical application of specific health and their safety techniques.

To be in sync with the technical advancement, it is mandatory for the Employers to train their existing employees with specified skill and knowledge set and also hire new chunk of staffs with mentioned qualifications. Dhoot Driving School Training are giving us the opportunity to learn and get our training in different languages other than English for our convenient understanding since all the expertise trainers and instructors are multilingual with DSA approved certifications.

INITIAL course is required for the employees who are novice to this technical qualification whereas existing ADR holders can go for the REFRESHER courses and brush up their skill set. The validation for the certificates is for five years. In the year prior to the final year before expiry of the certification, candidate can go for the recertification of the same which eventually extends for the next five years.

Courses does vary as per the choice and requirement of specific skill set .Point to be noted that ADR training hours are counted as per driver hours.. Also while taking the ADR training this can further account to Driver CPC Periodic training.

The ADR qualification is categorized into following classes as Core, Packages, Tankers and the seven common classes. The comprehensive training constitutes of the preliminary first aid and fire training. It is blend of both theory and practical ground compiling all kinds of vehicles and loads.

  • Core: The syllabus consists of overview knowledge of carrying dangerous goods in Road tankers, tank containers and etc.
  • Tanks: The knowledge of carrying dangerous goods particularly in tanks.
  • Packages & Loose in Bulk: Carrying dangerous goods in bulk and loose condition like in sacs or drums.
  • Class 1: Explosives (Optional course)
  • Class 2: Gases in compressed or liquefied condition.
  • Class 3: liquids in flammable state
  • Class 4: Flammable or combustible solids which are prone to catch fire.
  • Class 5: Oxidized or organic peroxide substances.
  • Class 6: Toxic substances.
  • Class 7: Radioactive (though we do not provide these classes as of now)
  • Class 8: Acidic or alkaline substances.
  • Class 9: asbestos, PCBs and other miscellaneous substances are not covered by other classes.

Multiple choice format papers are set for the exams which are conducted by SQA. Qualified candidates are certified to carry dangerous goods.

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