PCV Category D+E Coach and Trailer Licence Training

Get trained with PCV D+E The Manual Coach and Trailer

If you are looking for enhancing your driving skills and credentials and are an experienced coach driver, may be driving across the continent, you can consider the flexibility of obtaining the license for D+E.

The Manual Coach available with us is fitted with a facility of the towing so that we can also provide the training to you in PCV D+E for driving the trailer and coach across the UK and Europe.

Coach Training with DAF LF

  • The coach is 10 meters long and has 42 seats.
  • It is easy to use, six speed gear box and is simple to use.
  • Has a powerful 230 BHP Engine.
  • The controls are easy and modern to use.
  • Has an oil heater.
  • Air suspension driver’s seat
  • Rev. Counter
  • Digitally updated tachograph
  • Air conditioning
  • A reversing camera.

We can also provide training on your vehicle alternatively for the acquisition of the license or the familiarization training.

How much training do you need and how much would it cost you?

We recommend a DRIVING ASSESSMENT for checking your driving skills and also the relevant experience in driving with an instructor. The instructor can also advise you on the kind of training you need to pass and only then we can quote you the price.

Give us a call to arrange for your Assessment Lesson.

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