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LGV/HGV Training 

If you have passed your driver’s test of UK before January 1997, you must already have LGV C1/ 7.5 tonne entitlement within your car driving license.

Although, if you are more than 18 years of age and have passed your driving test after January 1997, you do not need to pass the LGV C1 first.

You can move through to LGV C (HGV class 2) directly and opt for the other different driving training courses. After you have passed C you can choose LGV C + E (HGV class 1). The Articulated Truck having 13.6m Tri-axle Trailer or one of the Drawbars are also options that you can select in one of our 12 training locations across London and around M25.

If you already have a driving license but would like to refresh your driving skills you can take the Driver Refresher Training.

How would you get a HGV license?

You would need multiple choice and hazard perception theory test along with provisional LGV and we can help you with it.

If you do not have C1 already, you would need to get through Initial Driver CPC as well, which consist of Module 2 and Module 4 i.e. case study theory test and practical demonstration test respectively, to get your driver qualification card that you would need for professional driving. For more details you can click on Driver CPC Initial Qualification.

It has also been made mandatory since 2009 September that all drivers of Lorries, coaches and buses would need Driver CPC Periodic Training regardless of when they had taken their LGV/ or PCV test.

Visit our school to try our vehicles and meet our instructors as well as to find out how much it would cost to get your HGV license

It is recommended that you take a driving assessment. One of our instructors would check out your driving skills, see your relevant experience in driving and can advise you on the best training programs that would help you to pass. This session would last for approximately an hour and we would then be able to quote a price for the training programs that would be suitable for you, based on the assessment.

You can enhance your career prospects with a Hiab Certificate for lorry loader or a Truck Mounted Forklift Certificate. We would also assist you in finding a job. You can also choose to upgrade your driving qualification with PCV Automatic Passenger Carrying Vehicle Bus or Coach since DSA permits holders of LGV C to attain fully manual PCV license.

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