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Taking the LGV and HGV Driver Training Theory Test

When you receive your Provisional Licence, you are then required to take a Theory Test.? As soon as you receive your licence back from Swansea you should book your theory test.? We will provide you with the necessary literature and support to help you through this stage. You will have everything you need to pass the test at the first attempt provided you have studied the material thoroughly.

Theory tests can now be booked online using the DSA service. Click the link below to take to directly to the correct part of their website. To use this service you will need details from your driving licence as well as a credit/debit card for payment.

NOTE:?You will only be able to book the LGV theory test after the correct LGV provisional entitlement has been added. This is category ‘C’.

 Book LGV and HGV Theory Test online 

Your booking can also be done by post, or by telephoning?0300 200 112

Please inform our?Booking Centre?on?0845 618 5090 ?as soon as you have booked your theory test.

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Tests are arranged at a local Department of Transport Test Centre.? There are about 150 around the country, so there is bound to be one near you. All candidates are provided with a written report at the end of the test.

The Theory Test starts with a series of multiple choice questions after which you can take a short break of up to three minutes before talking the second element – “Hazard Perception”. This section is intended to test your ability to recognize developing hazards on the road. Following an on-screen tutorial, preparing you for the test, a series of 14 short video clips is shown.

The videos, using real road situations, are filmed as if you were the driver and the DSA has around 200 film clips available, from which the computer will randomly select 14 for your test. Each clip lasts for about one minute.

In the multiple-choice question part of the test, you can return to your previous answers and change them if you wish. The hazard perception test is different – each film clip is shown only once and you cannot review clips or change your answers. You are given just one chance to deal with the hazardous situation, the same as you were actually on the road.

The test is marked on a points system. Within the 14 clips, there will be ‘scorable hazards’ which are the developing hazards that you need to spot in order to score points. As soon as you spot one, click on your mouse button (left or right) to record the fact that you have spotted it. A flag will appear at the bottom of the screen to show that you have clicked the mouse. The quicker you respond to each potential hazard, the higher your score for that hazard. However, if you click the mouse repeatedly rather than just when you spot a hazard, you will score zero for that clip.

The maximum possible number of points is 75. Initially the pass mark for LGV / PCV theory test candidates will be 50.

Because everybody wishing to obtain an LGV licence must pass the DSA theory test before taking the practical driving test we include all the necessary training materials as standard on our courses. This valuable training kit includes the official DSA training manual as well as a DVD to prepare you for the hazard perception part of the test. This training kit is sent to you on the day you book your course with us.

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I am so happy I chose Dhoot HGV driving school. Their instructions were clear and easy to understand. I passed 1st time only after 3 lessons. Thank you so much, CJ. Dali and Mr Singh. They are the best!
Henrietta Szonyi
Hooray !!!…Pass the LGV driving test…Thank you CJ for good road instruction and smooth training, very happy with everything. Highly recommended for training.
Vaidas Erniulis
Great place to do hgv training had a bad experience with another company came to dhoot and had a days training and time before tests failed first time pass with flying colours second would recommend.
Ben Hawkins
I started my LGV CLASS 1 driving with S.Charanjit Singh. He is a good and classified instructor. Moreover i recommend this driving school as they give you proper training and instructions.
Randhawa Harman

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