C1 Recreational

Training for Recreational Vehicles and Luxury Motor Homes

With the lavishly equipped RV?s developing, we are often contacted by people when they find out that the vehicle is heavier and larger than they are allowed to drive with their car licence.

For any drivers who have acquired their UK licence anytime after January 1997, driving some of the British, many of the larger American and European Touring motor homes can be a problem. The reason is that these motor homes are over 3.5 tonnes in weight and hence you would require a category C1 for driving.

As is given in this extract from DVLA guidance leaflet:

For motor home driving, the driving entitlement you would need is relevant to the weight of the vehicle plus the maximum weight it can carry i.e. the maximum authorized mass.

  • You would need a C1 licence for driving a motor home with maximum authorized weight that is between 3.5 tonnes to 7.5 tonnes.
  • For driving a motor home that has maximum authorized mass of more than 7.5 tonnes, you would need C licence.

If you want to go on a trip abroad or visit places in Britain on a motor home you would find that you would need to compromise on the extraordinary features and lavish appointments of RV?s and instead downsize to something merely larger than a camper van. This is especially problematic for anyone traveling with disabled people with mobility problems since they would need the extra space and the comforts offered by the larger vehicles.

We, at Dhoot Training School of Transport offer C1 training with the specially selected, simple to drive training vehicles. See our full details on the C1 training page of our website that would also offer you all the information on what you need to do before your driver training as well as the test can commence. The open roads would be waiting for you to pass your test.

Apart from training you to pass your driving test, we would also guide you with things like how to save fuel by driving economically and efficiently. Since this is one thing that might be mentioned by the DSA examiners at your driving test.

And for your information, you would need to sit for another test if you wish to tow a boat or maybe a large trailer with a little car or even a jet ski with your RV. We also offer training for C1+E and B+E both as well as C+E if you have a large trailer and vehicle.

If you are unsure just write to us through the contact us page or call us and we can get you on the pathway to success.

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