PCV Pass Protection

Do you certainly need the PCV Pass protection?

Is it sure that I would pass my driving test?

Be assured that you would get guidance from professional, experienced and qualified trainers to learn all you would need to pass your test and receive your license, since we are an accredited training provider with both the RTITB and DSA.

Indeed, we are also a long time established, since 1963, family run school and hence have a reputation to uphold. We want our satisfied customers to recommend us to friends and family as well as return to us for further driving training.

Since your success would also spell our success, we try our best to help you pass your driving test the first time and also strive to offer quality service.

We assure you that you would be taught everything you need to know for passing your driving test

If you follow the instructions of our trainers, but of course we will not be able to guarantee that you would not make any mistakes during the test.

Hence for the clients, of Dhoot Driving School of Transport, who have followed, the instructions of our trainers:

We offer the use of the training vehicles for your test as well as a two hour, one to one, lesson at HALF PRICE.

We are extremely confident that by opting for the ideal recommended training course, very few of our customers would require appearing for a retest and hence we can easily afford to lower our fees.

But if you are still unable to pass your test the first time, we would ensure that a retest is arranged as soon as possible, while the training is still fresh on the mind and in the mean time, we would take care of you.

The training we offer is in English as well as other languages. The trainers we have at Dhoot Driving are multilingual too while being approved by DSA.

You do not need to pay for your Pass Protection in advance before your training commences. You buy it only if you need it.

You as well as your trainer would be working relentlessly for a first time pass and hence you do not need to buy your Pass Protection before you need it. This would ensure that you would not have to spend your hard earned money on a non refundable protection that you would never need, if you do pass your test the first time.

Dhoot Driving School of Transport for success on road

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Here’s what our happy drivers had to say about our services:

I am so happy I chose Dhoot HGV driving school. Their instructions were clear and easy to understand. I passed 1st time only after 3 lessons. Thank you so much, CJ. Dali and Mr Singh. They are the best!
Henrietta Szonyi
Hooray !!!…Pass the LGV driving test…Thank you CJ for good road instruction and smooth training, very happy with everything. Highly recommended for training.
Vaidas Erniulis
Great place to do hgv training had a bad experience with another company came to dhoot and had a days training and time before tests failed first time pass with flying colours second would recommend.
Ben Hawkins
I started my LGV CLASS 1 driving with S.Charanjit Singh. He is a good and classified instructor. Moreover i recommend this driving school as they give you proper training and instructions.
Randhawa Harman

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