Trainings conducted for Explosives

Explosive course is our optional and additional course included in the ADR Training. Dhoot Training institute are giving us the opportunity to learn and get our training in different languages other than English for our convenient understanding since all the expertise trainers and instructors are multilingual with DSA approved certifications.

The classes covers below mentioned parameters of the safety measures of explosive carriage

  • the meaning of explosives and categorizing it into compatibility groups.
  • the packaging information and labelling criteria of such explosives.
  • the knowledge on loading unloading and carriage of explosive goods.
  • the safest and proper methods of loading or unloading packages with explosives.
  • the required safety measures to be taken in the event of accident or incidents involving carriage of explosives. It is very important part in the training.

Although this being elective subject, we do train several employees in the class 1 of ADR Training.

You may contact us for further informations in our given phone number.

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