B+E Licence Training Test

Training and acquisition of the test licence

If you have received your driving licence after January 1997, you will be needed to also take the trailer training and appear for the DSA driving test so as to acquire the B+E entitlement. With this licence, you can drive a vehicle that weighs 3.5 tonnes (GVW) where GVW is the gross vehicle weight along with a 750 kgs GVW trailer although it is of a modest size and might not be very suitable for your requirements. Towing with a provisional licence is NOT allowed.

The vehicle for training

Once you pass the B+E test with our manual trailer and gearbox, you will be able to drive any van or car up to the MAM or Maximum Gross Weight of 3.5 tonnes or 3500 kgs along with a trailer that is more than 750 kgs gross permissible weight. When you have the entitlement of B+E, you can also get covered for the trailer MAM that is more than the unladed weight of the vehicle.

The B+E tests are conducted at the centers by the DSA examiners at the LGV Driving test centers. They are all seniors and thus it is very important for you to attain a great driving standard instead of the ordinary car driving test standard.

While on the training, you will also learn how to couple and uncouple the trailer. We at Dhoot Driving School will teach you the proper sequence of the process that you would need to know. We at Dhoot Driving School training would also teach you the process of loading and the unloading of the trailers, the positioning of the load and also the best ways to make the load secured. We will also provide you with all the necessary information on the various attachment points and the securing straps for the loads.

How much training is necessary and what is the cost?

We at Dhoot Driving School recommend the Driving Assessment test where an instructor is able to check out your driving skills and other relevant experience in driving. He can then advise you on the kind of training that you need to pass so that we are able to quote the price of the training program to you.

You can always call us for help on any other information that you need or for arranging the assessment lesson.

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